Commodore Amiga Video Games Emulator

ABANDONWARE - if they won't re-publish the Games, it's FREE

[10/06/2014] Deja Vu (USA).zip (148Kbytes) WinZip File - NES, Nintendo Entertainment System - ROM.

Deja Vu II - Lost in Las (2.01Mbytes) WinZip File ($.72Mbytes) WinZip File, Disks 1-6 - Great Game, Great Intro. of New York City just after WWII.

Apparently they'd rather close all the Computer Games shops than re-publish as old game. Not even Marvel for the XBOX and Playstation. Spiderman V. Johnney Voltaire, or the Mega-Seller: Street Fighter. They've got a bunch of dumb-dumb's running the industry. NEVER RE-PUBLISH, that's their rule. The don't won't to make money. THERE'S NOTHING ON THE PROMPT. NOTHING!!!!!

All these Games should be in the Shop. But aren't and half the Computer Games Shops have Shut. So this is Abandonware. People would pay if it came from a Shop with Box and Colourful Cover, with CD Disk, and Manual. Or a Mail Order Games/Software Catalogue. Why are Great Games like these not for Sale??? People can't get the Games unless they've heard of them. Where are they to hear of them??? (2.16Mbyes) WinZip File - build a Railway / Metropolitan Mass Transit System. Pick up building materials. Build new and bigger Buildings. Transport Passengers. (2.52Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Detroit - design, build, and market the next model of Automobile. (2.13Mbytes) WinZip File - another Great Game. Build your own Theme Park. Select which Country, or Continent you want. Starts with the Entrance Gate Ready. Build Paths to the Rides. Build Burger Stalls etc... Hire a Mechanic to fix the Rides; Someone to pick up the litter; Game Attendents; and a Security Guard.

[MAY12] (23.6Mbtyes) WinZip File - Amiga SimCity (1989) - build parks, roads, and mass transit system; residential, commercial, and industrial units (Zones); police station, fire station, football statium, dock, and airport. Has 10 reports. Zones develope over time with immigration and industry.
ZIP includes: Arabian Nights, Double Dragon, FA-18 Interceptor, Ikari Warrior, Lemmings, North & South, Paperboy, Prince of Persia, and Sim City.

ReadMe.txt :

Click on 'Heart' Icon
Then type the 'Esc' Escape Key
Type 'Start Retro Games' Button
Select the game you want from the Menu and Run it
Use 'Alt' + 'Tab' Key to Get out
Commodore Amiga Probably the best Microcomputer Video Game Console ever made. With Mouse, 3.5 Inch Disks and 512Kbytes RAM (Random Access Memory) upgraded to 1Mbyte. Also had the more advanced 16-bit 68000 processor better than the 8-bit 6510 processor used by the Commodore 64 Microcomputer. It had supurb graphics that weren't too complex like what they have now that ruin game play, very good sound too, and 1-4 880Kbyte disk drives. Also it had F1-F10 Function Keys as input, Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right keys, and Numbers & Letters. Also visit for games I re-made that once ran on the Commodore PET Computer. Civilization I (Released: 1991) and Colonization (Released: 1994) ran on the Amiga. - look up all the old Amiga games on Video by typing their names in the search box with the word 'amiga', and Amiga Games Database describe these games.

Great Amiga Games include Alien Breed, Atomino (Atomica which can be downloaded free is similar), Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!, Caesar, Campaign, Centurian Defender of Rome, Desert Strike, Detroit (design, build, and market the next model of Automobile), Ikari Warrior (the Arcade Cabinet has a 8-way Joystick with a Gun that can turn 8 ways as well), Railroad Tycoon, Sim City, Supremacy, Monkey Island, Moonstone, North and South, Nuclear War (with Cartoon Leaders from the '80s), Operation Wolf, Pirates, Populous, Powermonger, and Wings. Most are available for download as .adf files (Amiga Disk File) which run on the Universal Amiga Emulator with Graphics User Interface for Windows.

Downloadable from:

Select 'Extract' to 'Desktop' when downloaded. Select 'AmigaUAE+GUI' Folder. Run 'EmulatorGUI.exe' file. Push 'Esc' (Escape) button to get game list. Type 'ALT' + 'TAB' keys to leave game. Right Click on 'WinUAE' and select 'Close' to turn game off. Movements keys on keypad '4', '8', '6', '2' move character plus '5' to fire, or hold it down for 'grenade'.
Type 5 for credit, 1 to start, or 2 for two player mode.
To change Disks during game push 'End' Key (from middle row) + F2 (for Second Disk Drive with game file name -d2), or End + F3 (for -d3) etc... (2.09Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga North and South. (5.45Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Supremacy, Operation Wolf, and Desert Strike, Return to the Gulf. (2.24Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Nuclear War with Leaders from the '80's and 10, 20, 50, 100 MegaTonne Bombs, Missiles, B-52 Bombers, and Missile Defence System (Star Wars).

Put .adf files in the computer disk slot with -d1, -d2, -d3, or -d4 extension written after the game file name and before .adf .

The keyboard replacements for an Amiga joystick are as follows:

                 a              b            c
Up            Keypad 8      Cursor Up        T
Down          Keypad 2     Cursor Down       B
Left          Keypad 4     Cursor Left       F
Right         Keypad 6     Cursor Right      H
Fire          Keypad 0      Right Ctrl    Left Alt
Alternatively: Run 'winuae.exe' in 'AmigaUAE+GUI' folder, and select 'Floppy Drives' from the Left Menu, then check DF0, DF1, DF2, and DF3 as required. Select '...' and required ADF file with '-d*' at the end. Then select 'Start' Button.

Centurian, Defender of Rome (943Kbytes) WinZip File (use Extract option, then to folder on Desktop) - Centurian, Defender of Rome - Build the Roman Empire starting with one Legion in the province of Italia. Rise in rank and gain new Legions. Upgrade Legions to Tribune Level (x2 150 Cavalry on either Flank), and Consular Level (500 Legionaries in a Cohort instead of 400). Conquer provinces through force or negotiation. Build a fleet, play gladiatorial games and have chariot races (where you gamble). Meet Cleopatra. Fight barbarian armies and put down provincial revolts. Came out on the Commodore Amiga 500. Has great on-screen Map of the Historic 'Known World' to the Romans. (4.34Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Centurian, Defender of Rome Download. With Alliances (thus reducing unnecessary bloodshed). Run with the Universal Amiga Emulator (UAE) included.

To load:
Click on 'winuae.exe'
Select 'Floppy drives' from the Left Menu (for disks)
Click on 'Select disk image' and load file

Note: the Courage of the Armies varies from Paniciky, to Weak, Good, and Fierce. Fierce Soldiers fight a lot better and are always desired. There are however only so many that the Player can get a Year. Countries in the game with Fierce Courage include Britannia, Gaul, Italia, and Greece. The last "Gallic Warriors" died in the Napoleonic Wars. Generally with a long Moustache. Some went to Britannia to defend it because they were the best. They were welcome in the Roman Army. Fierce courage still exists in Greece. But only a quarter of the last Legionarie types that fought Italy survive. Their type fight well with a Sword. They died in the battle for Italy against the British and Americans.

Beware the fate of the King of Thrace. It's in a film. Thrace provided Horsemen for Alexander the Great. It became the Roman Province of Thracia.