Classic Coin Op. Arcade Games - a Quarter or 10p -
download CoinOp MAME (Arcade) ROM's: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and Read Only Memory game files.

I recommend these early state of the art 2D Arcade Games (some people prefer 3D games, but 2D games are liked by a lot of people much more - creative geniuses designed these games, and they used Op-Codes for the Assembly Language that they were programmed in, instead of straight Hexadecimal $00-$FF (0-255) Machine Code - these games should be brought out in shops as retro-Arcade Games!!! WITHOUT VIRUSES OR DIFFICULT TO LOAD EMULATORS ;-) ):
  • Asteroids (Released: 1979)
  • Asterix - Cartoon Game.
  • Caterpillar
  • Chopper Lift [chplft] (Released: 1985) - rescue 8 hostages at a time. Fight in Desert, Naval, and Alpine Screens.
  • Galaga - 80 or more Waves of Alien Attack Ships. If they captuer your Ship, win it back, and have double, or triple fire power.
  • Galaxian (Released: 1979)
  • Gorf (Released: 1981)
  • Green Beret - fight as a American Green Beret Elite Soldier through 4 screens of Soviet Troops during the Cold War. Including Attack Dogs, Special Weapons, and Crack Siberian Troops.
  • Guantlet - used x5 68000 Processors, and has Speech Chip.
    Play as the Quester the Elf, Thyra the Valkrie, Merlin the Wizard, Thor the Warrior.
    Naviagate Mazes, fight Monsters, and get Food - a Meal or Ale.
  • Ikari Warrior
  • Joust
  • Kung-Fu Master (Released: 1984)
  • PacMan (Released: 1980) - can't download it on the internet because they all have viruses.
  • Paperboy - do your paper round, by throwing papers at people in the street that are bad, and not good. Break their windows, or get the paper on the mat.
  • Pheonix
  • Rampage - was re-released Once.
  • Robocop - Super Cool Graphics.
  • Spaceinvaders (Released: 1981)
  • Tron (Released: 1982).
Type 5 for credit, 1 to start, or 2 for two player mode.
PacMan Arcade Cabinet Aracade Mania Retro

Guantlet 2

Arcade Screens

Arcade Screens 2

Example Games:

Games came from great Japanese Arcade Cabinet makers like:

  • NAMCO (Galaxian: 1979; PacMan: 1980; Space Invaders: 1981), Midway Mfg. (Gorf: 1981; Tron: 1982) [American], SEGA (Choplifter: 1985), and DataEast (Kung-Fu Master: 1984; Robocop: 1988).

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and load MAME (Arcade) ROM's (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) file.

  • It should make the 'ROM Emulator' File on your Desktop.
  • Download ROM's from
  • The ROM should go in 'ROM Emulator/roms' File on Desktop. Unzip it in it's own sub-directory.
  • Run 'mame32.exe' from the 'ROM Emulator' File on your Desktop.
  • Select 'All Games' File and find the ROM game name and click on it to run.
  • OR right click it and choose 'Add to Custom Folder'. Then select 'Custom Folder' to run as favourite.

Free Coin op. Arcade Games on the Windows 95/98 Platform (requires WinZip or WinRa to open):