[FEB11] Microprose Colonization High Scores - 34 so far!

Please E-mail Webmaster with your best Colonization High Scores, and see where you rank compared to other player.

  1. H Jonvik [JUN14] 2088 pts Viceroy H Jonvik of the Free Dutch
  2. Jordan Wyatt 7716 points at Viceroy Level [MAY10] 357% citizens: at least 2741 pts (yes I have more than 650 specialists) gold: exactly 835 pts founding fathers: exactly 125 pts rebel sentiment: exactly 97 pts early revolution (autumn 1694): at least 180 pts liberty bells: at least 30pts destroyed indian settlements: at MOST 30 for -150 pts 3858 plus independence achieved 1st (before other European powers) so +100% A NEW WORLD RECORD!!!! Yay for me. End Screen, Gold, and Citizens. colony00.zip Game File Proof.
  3. Joshua Scamman 5560 points at Viceroy Level [DEC05] 257% Sir Josh of the Free Spanish Oh Yeah!! Took me 2 straight days of playing but I just Topped my Best score! Hope nobody can top it." Good Luck.
  4. Dan Rohde 5144 points (by 1690) at Viceroy Level [DEC05] Viceroy Dan von der Rohde of the Free Dutch Played as the Dutch, no cheats. Score would have been a lot higher except for that highly annoying unit limit. I didn't want to hassle with disbanding military units so I could establish new colonies so I declared independence earlier than I wanted to. Many apologies to the Tupi... I did try to get along. hi_score.zip (155Kbytes)
  5. Joel Fry 4040 points (by 1748) at Viceroy level [JAN05] 202% Viceroy Jacques Cousteau of the Free French "My best score was achieved only three months ago, and I have not heard of anyone topping it." "I have played the game on both a Mac and a PC."
  6. Dave Gousmett 3624 points (by 1672) at Viceroy level [JAN06] Viceroy Abel Janszoon Tasman of the Free Dutch No reloads, No cheats. I had good luck with the Lost City Rumours getting six 'Fountain of Youth' and nine 'Cibola'. Towards the end I had a long running battle with the Spanish to prevent them declaring Independence first. I finally had to declare earlier than I wanted too while I was still missing four of the Founding Fathers.
  7. Johan Ågren 3232 points (by 1709) at Viceroy level [JAN13] 161% Lasse Maja of the Free English
  8. Michael K. Altschuler 2360 points at Viceroy level [NOV99] 155% Sir Sam Altschuler of the Free English was 131% President of the United States, NO CHEATING "YAY NUMBER 1 once again I have taken back the throne and be ready I'm working on this one save game I have 50 colonies already! Of course it's like 1788."
  9. Barbaros Demirci 3010 points (by 1612) at Viceroy level [NOV99] 150% President Barbaros Hazretleri of the Free Dutch Republic of Surinam
  10. Sam L. from Pittsburg 3714 points (by 1811) at Governor level [NOV05] 148% President Sam L.of the Free Dutch "Loved this game for a long time."
  11. Ruben Navarro Belenguer from Zaragoza, Spain. 3714 points at Governor level [FEB11] 148% Nick: Governor Lope de Aguirre of the Free Spainish Hi, i´m a fan of Civilization game for a long time. I have been many years without playing and this is my fisrt attempt. Soon i will make another try in Viceroy level. For now my documented best score. NO CHEATS Spanish Citizens: + 1280 Spanish Continental Congress: + 120 Gold: + 313 Rebel Sentiment: + 88 Liberty Bells: + 100 Villages Burned: - 92 Early Revolution (Spring 1768): + 48 Independence Achieved: + 100% Total: 3714 I provide game proofs, I´m sorry it was impossible to capture a image from MS-DOS and i had to take a picture. End Screen 1 and End Screen 2. colony01.zip
  12. Ben Zitterkopf 4910 points (by 1787) at Conquistador level [JUN99] 147% President beefcake of the Free English United States of America, Named after a continent.
  13. JohnLRowland@aol.com I set a new personal high score. This time I was smart enough to take a screen shot, but not smart enough to move the cursor off to the side. I am attaching it as a photo. Here are the details: Governor Johann du Cynthea of the Dutch Rating: 134% Citizens: 830 Congress: 125 Gold: 364 Rebel Sentiment: 96 Early Revolution: 166 Liberty Bells: 100 Independence: 100% Total Score: 3362
  14. Lee Riddel 134% 6732 points (by 1634) [APR00]
  15. Michael C 128% 6400 points (by 1692) at Discoverer level
  16. John D Dilley 5156 points at Explorer Level [APR00] 128% President, Republic of Surinam to A.D. 1711. LandGrabber of the Free Dutch
  17. Cathy Wakes 123% 4130 points [FEB05] Conquistador Jacques Cartier of the Free French President, Republic of Quebec to A.D. 1667 P.S. I usually like to play as the English - I like having lots of colonists about. hallfame.zip just extract the hallfame.dat file and save to the c:/mps/colonize, then view Hall of Fame from Colonization Main Menu.
  18. Jorge Pérez 121% 2434 points (by Spring 1787) at Viceroy level [APR05] Viceroy Aragonum of the Free Spanish colony00.zip just extract the colony00.sav file and save to the c:/mps/colonize directory.
  19. Bad Brett 119% 2386 points at Viceroy level [FEB05] President, Republic of Surinam to A.D. 1717 From the CivFanatics Colonization Forum
  20. Dalgo 116% 2337 points at Viceroy level [FEB05] Michiel De Ruyter of the Free Dutch, General of the Continental Army to A.D. 1667 colony02.zip just extract the colony02.sav file and save to the c:/mps/colonize directory. From the CivFanatics Colonization Forum
  21. JohnLRowland@aol.com 115% 2884 points [NOV12] Citizens: 732 Continental Congress: 125 (All 25 Members) Gold: 185 Rebel Sentiment: 100% Liberty Bells: 100% (Sons of Liberty Membership) Early Revolution: +100% (First to declare Independence) Independence Achieved: +100%
  22. Luke 2142 points at Viceroy Level, NO CHEATING [MAY00] 107% Independence achieved: Spring 1662 Named after a continent. win.zip (11Kbytes) Game file submitted as proof.
  23. Achinz 106% 2662 points at Governor level [FEB05] Free Dutch From the CivFanatics Colonization Forum
  24. Noyan Ali Biyiktay [JUL99] 96% 3956 points President of Free English Named after Republic of Biyitay
  25. j.wlodarski1986 [SEP12] 92% 3070 points Citizens: + 982 Continental Congress: + 125 Gold: + 19 Rebel Sentiment: + 100 Liberty Bells: + 35 Early Revolution (Autumn 1650): +274 Independence Achieved: +100% Conquistador Jan Urban of the Free Dutch President of the Republic of Legia Warszawa (named after my favourite football team) "Thanks in advance, Jack. P.S. I played on DOS version 2.25".
  26. Jürgen Spilgies [FEB11] 92% 3692 points Continental Congress: + 125 Gold: + 393 Rebel Sentiment: + 100 Liberty Bells: + 51 Early Revolution: + 144 Hi, have played colonization 3.0 under dosbox 0.74 again. Here´s the score of my first attempt as an explorer. colony03.zip just extract the colony03.sav file and save to the c:/mps/colonize directory.
  27. Tim Vlk [MAR06] 83% 4174 points at Discoverer level "I had 31 colonies and about 320 people."
  28. Peter Spooner [JUL00] 82% 2066 points Named after a Captial Colonization Score screen shot was provided as proof
  29. Boril Ninov [OCT08] 58% 1950 points at Conquistador level President, Republic of United States of America to A.D. 1840
  30. Camille LeBlanc [AUG99] 57% 2876 points at Discoverer level "Had 18 colonies, and whooped up on the Dutch expeditionary force ;-)"
  31. Civnik 49% 1248 points (by 1701) at Governor level [JUN03] Named after a University
  32. Aaron Robinson 46% 2320 points (by 1696)
  33. Agathocles 36% 1467 points at Explorer level (Leopold de Vijlder)
  34. Veselin Ninov [OCT08] 34% 865 points at Governor level President, Republic of Mexico to A.D. 1775
  35. Kenny Titus 19% 968 points at Discoverer level

How your Colonization Score is Calculated

+1 for each Petty Criminal / Indentured Servant
+2 for each Free Colonist
+4 for each Skilled Colonist
+5 for each Founding Father
+1 for every 1000 gold in your treasury (although the manual states 250 gold)
+1 for every liberty bell produced after foreign intervention (sounds like an excuse to drag out the war?)
+1 for each percentage point of rebel sentiment (maximum 100)
-(difficulty + 1) for each native settlement you destroy

The native penalty reflects morality, the greater difficulty of finding good sites where villages AREN'T and not getting the loot when you plunder them. You can capture treasure trains from another power while they're taking them back to port anyway. And if you wait long enough the Spanish will destroy all the villages anyway, they're very efficient even when you arm the natives.

You get a bonus for an early revolution. Independence before other powers:

Also the higher the difficulty level the greater your precentage. Score in points is constant regardless of the about factors, the percentage score is a modifcation to allow you to compare games played at different levels + how soon you become independent.

The following things DO effect your Colonization Score:

The following things DON'T effect your Colonization score: