Improve Computer A.I.

[Feb05] Why does the AI always offer peace? by Jorge Pérez

Why does Colonization offer peace when you conquer a colony? (Sometimes it can conquer a lot).

[Feb05] Keep some forest

The computer often chops down all the forest around its Colonies. It should be made to keep two or three square for Lumber. The computer may cheat but you can't, so if you take one of these Colonies it is near useless to you. Also a Pioneer should be able to replant Forests. It makes it impossible to build in Colonies.

[Feb05] A.I. builds in unproductive areas by covok48 from the CivFanatics Colonization Forum

The A.I. constantly puts colonies in unproductive areas and pours money into them. They put a colony at the very edge of a peninsula bordering a swamp and have 7 expert fisherman in the colony with nothing else.

In the Mac version, they constantly grow food doing little else. I'm surprised that they even make money!

[ You also get a lot of Farmers. Being able to sell Salted Fish to Europe would make these Colonies more useful. ]