Improve Naval Tactics

[May06] Ports and shipping Speeds by Jorge Pérez

The other idea is that have you ever thought about the time a Caravel or any Ship spends travelling to Europe, or to move along the American coast? It's too much, Colonization spent from August the third to October the twelfth, so spending more than a year for going to Europe is too long. I mean ships are too slow. Dealing with this it should be possible to send an expedition, in which the amount of movements is right now, and the go "fast" or whatever you want to name it, in which there won't be more squares shown than those the Ship, Dragoon... must use, but the amount of movements must increase.

[ Personally I find the speed of Ships to Europe fast enough. This is like Railroad Tycoon where you had two time streams: 24 hours for the trains, and 2 years for the Balance Sheet, Stockmarket. But if you are going to New Orleans (Louisiana), or Veracruz (Mexico, gateway to the Aztec Empire) in the West Indies it takes forever, making it impossible to settle there, even though they were historically important. Also it should be easier to recognise, and send ships to the Pacific coast.]

About the roads, it's true, not only Incas, but Mayas and Aztecs too, they had roads to communicate all Cities, in such empires commerce existed, even they had ports and Ships because some goods were carried by Boats, maybe including Indian Boats is a bit exaggerated because European ones were much powerful.

[ Superior European Ships meant only they could trade with Europe to the disadvantage of the Indians, and could be safe in their Mother Countries sending Colonists when ever they liked, supported of course by Muskets and Horses. ]

[Feb05] Lost Ships by Jorge Pérez

Some ships should be lost from time to time.

[ Due to hurricanes, pirates etc... Perhaps you could insure ships, say at 10% of cargo BEFORE tax purchasable from Europe. Lloyds of London insurance started this way in Coffee houses. The Times of London newspaper started by listing shipping times. ]

[Feb05] Have Marines by Jorge Pérez

Make it possible to take ships if you have more seamen or armed units inside.

[ Adding Marines would be a good idea. They could capture ships, fight of other ships or Marines and make amphibious attacks against coastal and island colonies. ]

[Feb05] Have Fishing Boats by Jorge Pérez

Perhaps it should be nice to have fishing ships for fishing in fisheries that are away from land.

[ Perhaps but this would make too much food production for a Colony. Maybe fish squares should stop producing when an enemy ship is in it. All fish production should stop if the port mouth is blockaded. ]

[Feb05] Attack Island Colonies with Ships by Jorge Pérez

Isn't it annoying when in an island where there are 2 or 3 squares, one is occupied by the colony, and the others by some fellows, so you can't get in to conquer the colony?. Maybe this could be solved by allowing attacking from the ships. In fact, some cities were attacked this way, like Tenerife by the British forces, although without success, Cádiz.

[ Probably by Man-o-War which couldn't leave the Old World as they had to protect the Mother Country. ]

Jorge Pérez replies: As the manual says there is protection for the ships that go on high seas then let it be, but I’d increase the distance from land to high seas cause no one can attack ships if they go directly to Europe, ‘cause distance is too short. This would bring a problem, the turns that are necessary to go to Europe would increase a bit, but this could be solved if once you go into high seas you appear in your mother country.

[ This would make trading more slow as your ship would take longer to get to the high seas meaning you would get overloaded with cargo. This is why I don't build in New Orleans or Quebec. ]

[Feb05] Why not attack ships on the way to Europe by Jorge Pérez

Why isn't it possible to attack ships along the way to Europe??, a ship full of gold was attacked near Spain, maybe no more than 500 mts far from the coast.

[ The manual says the King and Royal Navy protect the high seas, and presumably cover any loses. That's what you pay your taxes for. That and the REF! ]

Jorge Pérez replies: Well, I think that if once you escape to high seas you appear in Europe, trading wouldn't be slower.

[Feb05] Build Ships on Lakes: Caravels, Merchantman and Frigates only

[Feb05] Navigate Major Rivers

You should be able to sail up a major river in a Caravel, Merchantman and Frigate only. Particularly the St. Lawrence up to Lake Ontario but not beyond due to the Niagara Falls and the Mississippi up to St. Louis.

[Feb05] Capture Ships

When at war with another European, it would be fun if occasionally your Privateers and Frigates actually captured ships intact with their cargoes. Obviously you would not be allowed to do this in peace time, Frigates attacking would be an act of war and Privateers attacking would be admitting piracy.

[Feb05] Choose where in the New World Ships are to go

When in Europe, Ships are sent to the New World, but they usually go back where they came from. So if they where in the Pacific and you want them in the Atlantic, you have to travel all the way across the map unnecessarily. You should be able to choose which Port they are going to while in Europe.

[Feb05] Surrounded ships by Jorge Pérez

If you have a foreign ship surrounded by your fighting ships, or by land and fighting ships, why can't you sink it or take it? 'cause if you attack you can damage it, and it goes! Although it is surrounded.

[May00] Name Ships by Thomas Bako

Wouldn't it be funny if your ships could be given names like Guerriere, Queen Charlotte, Cyane, Levant, Constitution, President etc?

[ And Mayflower of course. The game should suggest names like it does in Civilization for Colonies. ]

[Feb00] Option to put National Flags on Privateers? by George Carty

I LOVE privateers, due to their speed and comparatively low cost. Only problem is they annoy the other Powers. I think it would be a good idea if they could be operated as flagged ships. When flagged, they could be used without angering the other powers. You would not be able to attack other ships (except foreign privateers of course) without starting a War, but they could be used as fast cargo ships, or to defend your cargo ships from foreign privateers. However, you could go back to flying the pirate flag if you wanted to attack foreign shipping though.

[May00] Independent Privateers by

I think European Powers mustn't be allowed to build privateers. Pirates and their privateers must join them if they want.

[ There should also be some independent pirates. ]

[May00] Escape, Surrender, be defeated, damaged or looted by

  • In naval battles; the attacked ship must: This must also happen in ground battles. For example an infantry unit with many hostile units around itself sometimes surrender.