[May00] My suggestions for Colonization II by noyu@angelfire.com

  1. Colonies should surrender sometimes when they are outnumbered against attackers. For example 8 to 1.

  2. Colonies with rebel sentiment under 50% at independence must remain loyal to mother country. And also our! forces fortified in those colonies must remain loyal.

  3. Other continents must be added to the game: [ Possibly, but if you add other continents it wouldn't be the same game. The point is that England, the Netherlands, France and Spain colonized the Americas because they were close to the Atlantic and had no where else to expand easily. The other powers you mention were mainly interested in the Mediterranean. Spain could easily block access to the Atlantic for them at the straights of Gibraltar. ]

  4. More colonists must be added like slaves and goldsmiths.

    [ I don't think goldsmiths are needed. Not much gold was found in Colonial times, silver was much more important. ]

  5. I think more resources must be added to the game depending on the continent we play. For example, coffee for Brazil, tea for Southern Asia or diamonds and coffee for Africa and the list goes on.

    [ Yes, if you were to add Africa. But that's not what the game is about. Try calling it a new game e.g. Imperialism. ]

  6. I think in the game our homeland must be also visible so that trade with other cities of our or another country (This is called smuggling :-) .

    [ Smuggling was mainly between States or with Privateers. In Britain different ports dealt with different commodities. Southampton took bananas, Liverpool ran slave ships... ]

  7. Continuing the game after gaining independence would be great. I think 50 or 70 years would be enough. It would be nice to protect other "Newly Elected Government's". As time goes by new techs must be researched. I don't know if you have played the game 'Voyages of Discovery'. In that game the royal university was researching techs and it was available to grant a donation to it which causes the tech to be researched earlier.

    [ The founding fathers introduce technology. Continuing after independence would be good. I think the war should end with some cities still loyal to the crown i.e. Canada or Cuba. ]

  8. I agree that other power's colonies must have their revolution. If this happens before our independence; we must be able to declare war against colonies that rebel, if it happens after our independence we must be able to intervene then. If colonies win the war, trade with them must be quadrupled. If they lose then we'll have our own war with their mother country (That's why I think Europe and other continents must be visible and reachable on the map). I also think that the intervening country and revolting colonies must be allied if they gain independence.

    [ If Europe is visible you might get something stupid happening like the colonials invading the mother country. It would also unnecessarily slow down game play. ]

  9. A Multiplayer option must be added.

    [ Everyone asks for multiplayer, but then very few people ever use it e.g. CivNet. freecol will have a multiplayer option.]

  10. Technology must always improve. New technologies must be researched in mother country. This means we will not choose to increase or decrease the tax rate for it. But we'll be able to grant the donation I you about above. New technologies must only effect the weaponry of our soldiers and equipment in our colonies. For example Steam engine must allow to Adam Smith to be elected to the Continental Congress so it can allow you to build factories. Or better cannons must increase the combat strength of our ships and artillery. These techs would not be researched very quickly. Some more faster than Imperialism II's slower than Civ II's rate.

    [ I think founding fathers handle this well. ]

    Until independence I agree founding fathers are enough. But what about after independence? Perhaps new ships, new weapons, new things can appear by the time they appeared in real history. I want to use river boats on Mississippi.

    [ Yes after independence things could change. But the railway and steam engine were ideas imported from Britain AFTER independence. ]