The Portuguese

"The Treaty of Tordesillas (Portuguese: Tratado de Tordesilhas, Spanish: Tratado de Tordesillas), signed at Tordesillas (now in Valladolid province, Spain), June 7, 1494, divided the world outside of Europe in an exclusive duopoly between the Spanish and the Portuguese along a north-south meridian 370 leagues (1770 km; 1100 miles) west of the Cape Verde islands (off the west coast of Africa), roughly 46° 37' W. The lands to the east would belong to Portugal and the lands to the west to Spain. The treaty was ratified by Spain, July 2, and by Portugal, September 5, 1494. The Treaty of Saragossa or Treaty of Zaragoza, which was signed on April 22, 1529, more precisely specified its anti-meridian."

"Spain gained the Americas and the Philippines. Besides Brazil and the Moluccas, Portugal would eventually control Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa; Goa and Daman and Diu in India; and East Timor and Macau in the Far East."

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[Dec05] Portuguese / Brazilian History and several suggestions for Colonization II by Nuno Lopes Cabral at from Portugal

[Feb05] Loaf Warden from the CivFanatics Colonization Forum, [Feb05] Jorge Pérez, [May00] Justin Cass (quote: the Portuguese and the Spanish had major influence in the southern hemisphere) and [May00] suggested the inclusion of the Portuguese.

It has been said before and doubtless it'll be said again leaving the Portuguese out was a BIG MISTAKE. Sid probably rushed the game too much or couldn't fit 5 powers on the start screen easily. Brazil didn't gain independence until 1825. An extra power would have made the game more fun and filled the map up a bit especially as one power leaves when Sons of Liberty Membership hits 50% through the treaty of ... to make a slot for the Royal Expeditionary Force as you can declare independence at 50% SOL, if you're really stupid, I wait to 100% and Fortresses all round. You get more liberty bells for foreign intervention and more Continental troops. Maybe they only have 4 slots in the code: 2 bits for each power, but Civ used a byte, 7 Civ's and the Barbarians. If you read the manual you'll note Sid says the historic style of the Spanish and Portuguese were so similar that he didn't think it worth including them.

The Portuguese should be confined to the area of Brazil by order of a treaty with the Pope, as was the case. They could only settle east of a dividing line demarcated by the Pope, and the Spanish west of it. Spain and Portugal had few colonial wars. They of course also got a free hand in Africa and most of Asia in the deal. To compensate the Spanish would be barred from the area of Brazil in the Americas map, and from investing (occupying) squares adjacent to Portuguese colonies or attacking Portuguese shipping except with privateers in computer generated maps. The advantage of not being threatened by the militaristic Spanish would be great but the poor food production of Brazil's terrain would counter this. This rule might be a little confusing for new players.

[Feb05] About the Portuguese by Jorge Pérez

There were minor wars between Spanish and Portuguese, but giving all Brazil to the Portuguese is a big mistake, at the beginning the Portuguese's colonies didn't occupy all Brazil, just the corner that makes the map of South America, that was the treaty, (Tordesillas 1494). And I think Colonization must give the chance to change the true story, so why avoid the Spanish to take the entire continent? It would be right to avoid the Spanish entering the Portuguese zone until 1650 or any year you want, but not forever. And there's a fact in the history of Spain and Portugal: Philip II was King of both countries, how can that fit in the game?. And by the way, as in Colonization one can arrive where the game wants (it's not necessary to arrive in South America if you're Spanish or in North America if you're English), how are you gonna put Portuguese always in the same area?? (that would make playing with Portugal pretty boring). The only way to do some of the things that have been said is: Spanish can't attack the Portuguese before a concrete year and must give Portugal a piece of land equal to -- squares of land, but maybe this would make playing Portugal boring too, just avoiding Spanish to attack the Portuguese can be sufficient. Anyway I don't agree with the new Portuguese faction.

[ Jorge is Spanish, thus his good knowledge of Hispanic History. From the Roman province of Hispania: all of the Iberian Peninsula. I don't know what to do about Spain and Portugal having the same King. Maybe instead the treaty of ... could be replaced by Spain and Portugal or other powers joining and getting the same King. In the Americas map they would join at the set date and in the New World map any two powers could join. It would be fun if it was you! Or of course you could be forced out of the game. It is a good idea that the treaty expires, maybe like ceasefire in Civilization II. ]

[Feb05] Characterises for the Portuguese by Loaf Warden from the CivFanatics Colonization Forum

Special advantage: Conversion
All Missionaries function as experts.
Converted Natives more likely to join Colony.
Leader: Martim Afonso de Sousa
Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo
Santa Maria
São Luis
Campo Grande
São Francisco
Boa Vista
São Gonçalo
[ Not very realistic there are a lot of former slaves in Brazil but not many Native Americans, their main population base was the Inca and Aztec Empires. Much of northern Brazil was uncleared jungle. ]

[Feb05] Jorge Pérez agrees with the conversion bonus for Portuguese, and leaving them out of a possible attack from Spanish until a certain date.