The Preacher

[Feb05] Preacher promoting a Petty Criminal

When a Preacher is in the Church there should be a chance that a Petty Criminal 'repents of his sins' and becomes an Indentured Servant. The chance would be increased for a Firebrand Preacher and Cathedral.

[Feb05] Jorge Pérez replies: The petty criminals, I don't think that just being a Firebrand Preacher should be sufficient for turning them into Indentured Servants, better the teacher that already exists, but I want to say that along with criminals there were politic prisoners, people that due to their ideas weren't much wanted in Europe, people that agreed with the French revolution, freedom,... and that should increase the liberty bells.

[ I just thought I'd make the Preacher more useful, you end up getting swamped with useless Petty Criminals. For Political Prisoners. I suppose they should introduce a new type of Colonist: Political Prisoner that can create excess Liberty Bells. But then that's the odd Elder Statesman that shows up from time to time at the Docks isn't it? ]

Jorge Pérez replies: I use the Preacher and build a Cathedral for him, sometimes I have 2 in a colony if the food is sufficient, he helps me because I usually have a lack of colonists, military Spain has this problem, so I use to capture all the foreign citizens I see and use the Preachers.

[Feb05] The game should require more crosses for an immigrant to arrive at the Docks.

I never need Preachers as I get enough immigrants from the docks and POW's. I only build churches to bless Missionaries. It seems a shame that this aspect of the game is underused.