Sent in Tips - Military Strategy 2

Settling down the Natives by goutman1

If you just searched their graveyards destroy their Capital they revert to being happy and you can demand tribute usually and get more of it and the Indians get madder slower!

How do I build up my Military? by Gary and Jeff Lindequist

The easiest way is to just buy them in Europe, provided you have the money to buy them. Another way is build a Musket Colony. To do this, simply find a safe place and build a Colony (make sure it is near a Hill or a Mountain!) and have it solely build Muskets. You will need a Fisherman, or a Farmer if it is inland, an Ore Miner and a Gunsmith. If you have extra Colonists, or you have captured ones, just bring them up to the Colony and make them a Soldier. Another way is when you capture an enemy Colony without a Stockade, there are usually at least 50 muskets inside. Just abandon the Colony and make as many people as you can soldiers. Or, for the cheaters among us, you can just change a line in the NAMES.TXT and make them free.

Peaceful Game by Gary and Jeff Lindequist

In all the months that I have had Colonization I have had only one game where I stayed at peace with everyone. I will admit that it was very boring and I will never do it again. It does help your score because you don't lose any Units which is a good thing but if you like action in your games then I don't recommend staying at peace with the other Europeans.

The Panama Canal by Gary and Jeff Lindequist

To do this you do need to have Version 3.0 which if you do not have you can easily download the upgrade. I got the idea for the Panama Canal from Civilization [I] which is Colonizations predecessor, when settling in the Americas in Civilization where Panama should be there is only one square of land that when a City is built on you have access to the Pacific ocean. I make sure to control it if I'm in the Americas because it eliminates the hassle of going around South America (Which is a real Pain). Unfortunately the people who made Colonization made Panama three square wide so you cannot make the easy route to the Pacific. If you have Version 3.0, this Version comes with a map editor, you can make it so that Panama is narrow enough to put a Colony there. When you make this Colony make it as protected as possible, put all the Soldiers that you can in it, also build a Fortress and stock it up with Artillery (It makes it stronger against enemy Ships, if you didn't know). You have to keep this so no one else gets it, unless you enjoy wasting turns navigating around South America.

Indian Liquidation by [War of 1812, United States v. United Empire Loyalists of Upper and Lower Canada, I presume]

There are some real advantages to wiping out the Indians Villages. First you must get George Washington in Congress. Then, create several Dragoons from Free Colonists, Indentured Servants, or even Criminals. Then simply attack the Villages. Once a unit becomes a Veteran, pull him back and let the others get promoted (When you have Washington, any unit that wins a battle gets a promotion). If all of your units are Veterans you can nail the Capital to end the War-- or send them back to the Cities and replace them with Colonists, Servants, Convicts to do it all over again. This way when the Revolution comes along you have plenty of Veteran units to fight with -- and no nearby Indians to join the Tories against you (remember that the second the Revolution starts, the Indians will turn against you - this isn't always true, but sometimes it is).

It is a brutal move, but it is kill or be killed in this situation. Also it would be good to have Cortez and Pocahontas so you can get some $$$ when you destroy Villages, and with Pocahontas the others in the tribe won't attack you as quickly. But one last note -- if you do this -- before you attack the Indians -- make sure that you have ample Horses and Muskets to use -- at least a Stockade around every nearby City -- and Artillery in those Cities in case they attack you. Once you begin be prepared to throw in all of your battle units (Artillery included) in case you find yourself losing badly. Remember, when all else fails, use the Artillery on the Indian Villages. You won't get promotions, but you also won't get slaughtered [Artillery is very effective against Indians, as long as it doesn't get ambushed].

Seasoned Scouts and Scouts by Gary and Jeff Lindequist

These are one of the best Unit's that you can have, you know when you move into an Indian village. You see the option demand tribute, but whenever you pick that option they say no and threaten you. Well Scouts were made for that option, when you do it with a Scout one of two things will happen. They will give you tribute or they will say they don't have it and beg forgiveness. Another thing Scouts can do is when you are in an Indian Village and you ask to speak to the Chief well many times they give you stuff. Scouts obviously do explore and do it better than any other Units. Scouts are just as good as Seasoned Scouts with the Indians [Seasoned Scouts, are captured less, disappear less, and survive more often when Infiltrating other European Cities, they also get bigger gifts more often].

Tips for Taking a Colony by Gary and Jeff Lindequist

First make sure that you really want the Colony, if it can't be abandoned, if the Colony has no Trees near it, or is right next to an Indian village, or is in a silly location and has a Stockade, don't take it! Incite the Indians around it and give them Guns and Horses. They may burn it after a while.

But if you do want the Colony, here is what to do. Get about three or four Dragoons and surround the Colony. If there are Trees or Hills or Mountains near to it, go on them, for the defence bonuses. If the Colony has a Fort or a Fortress, I recommend that you save before every time you attack it, this way when you lose, you can just reload! [sometimes after reloads you still get the same result over and over]

When you finally take the Colony, reassign most, if not all, of the Colony positions. By this I mean, take out all of the stupid things like: Elder Statesmen farming, while the Farmer is mining Ore, while the Petty Criminal is being a Statesman, while the Ore Miner is planting Cotton, while Cotton Planter is making Tools, etc... You get the picture [this happens to you fortifying outside the Colony which displaces workers]. Make all of the excess Colonists Scouts and/or Soldiers, if there are Muskets, and use the Soldiers to be the Colonies first defender.

The Indians in the game attack way too frequently even though I take a peaceful attitude and approach to them. Is there any way to adjust that? by ?

Yes and no. Depends a lot on where you put your Colonies and which Tribe you are dealing with. The Arawaks, based on the Caribbean tribes who were mostly Cannibals, are the most violent and seem to attack regardless of what you do. The other Tribes base their reactions on what you do. Keep at least 1 square between your Colonies and the Native Cities. Two is preferable. Maintain at least a 2 square spacing around the Native Capitols. In order of preference, to help keep peace between you and the Natives... get Founding Person Pocahontas, put Missionaries in every Native City you can get to, and trade with the Natives. Peaceful trading adds to their tolerance level.