My House (2003-date), and other Residents; and favourite Videos, Museums and Parties.

I live quite comfortably at the moment having more money than I know what to do with thanks to being on the highest rate of Disability Benefit, for people who have been really ill, as compared with Unemployment Benefit. Also getting weekly food money from the house, and having all my bills paid except 'phone, and 10/year for TV. I have a lot more disposable 'income' than when I was working. I have steak three times a week. Of course my mind still isn't right, but a great great deal better than it was now they have found a Medication for my Voices (since March 2001) that doesn't cause extreme side effects. No amount of money can compensate for lack of mental health.

Since I've been on Seroxat my confidence has increased a lot so I'm also going to the Gym, and Bowling for a group for people who have had mental health problems called Sports Interaction. Most of them live on their own, something which I wouldn't like, now. And also go to the pub (there are about 8 with in a short walk of where I live in Southsea, Portsmouth) with some of the people I live in my house with. You can get a very tasty sunday Roast for 6. And go to night clubs because I have nothing better to do with my time. I usually end up paying as they waste all their money of cigarettes and drink. I also go to a group for people with Asperger Syndrome (higher functioning Autism) in Woking & Guildford were we do social events, round people's houses or swimming, bowling, table tennis... I thought I had it, but was just shy, but still go because I have some friends there.

I still have difficulty concentrating on reading and watching TV. I can't hold down a job as my concentration isn't good enougth. I just listen to endless music, write about my rather bizarre life (lately in the last 5 years), and go out a lot. I have managed to watch the following VHS videos, all from Ebay, prices including P&P:

On Tuesday (28th Feb 2006) I went to a 'lock and key' party arranged by where the men are given a key, and the women get a lock to put around your necks, and you have to go round trying to open a lock and win a raffle ticket to possibly win 100. It's quite fun and I got a few free drinks. I got to cards from girls so I can contact them later.

Well on Monday (14th Feb 2006) I was at the British Museum (London founded 1753) looking at the Rosetta stone used to translate Hieroglyphics to Demotic (a native Egyptian language) and Ancient Greek - which allowed them to read Ancient Egyptian; and the Elgin Marbles (plundered by the British from the Acropolis in Athens, which they want back, and damaged by wire wool in an attempt to restore it); and lots of other stuff from across the world. Other good Museums in London are the Science Museum, and Natural History Museum (both next to each other in South Kennsington); and the Imperial War Musuem in Lambeth, South London were the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Lives. All free now thanks to the Labour Government.

In the last two months (Jan 2006) I've have been hitting the Clubs. Partly to get away from the people in my house who drive me up the wall. What a good idea, you're really ill, so who do you want to hang out with? People with all sorts of problems to wind you up. But the clubs are a bit funny in their way. I've had the flu for about 15 days and have had time to reflect on them. I was hitting them 5 times a week sometimes, there are a dozen in Portsmouth. You see an endless succession of pretty girls. Now I'm on the medicine that increases my self confidence I can actually go over and talk to girls. I got a few dances, kisses, and the odd hug - never gone home with one - but came close a couple of times. I nearly got barred from a club a couple of weeks ago after this girl came on to me very strong in a number of ways. I get carried away and lost it. She had piercing's in her tongue and other places which I find offensive. The Girls like taking pictures of me with them for some reason. I am some what charismatic. And they're always using their mobile phones. Anyway it's a bit shallow and animal-brain orientated. You can't really hold a conversation as the music is too loud. But where else can you meet new people?

The house is run by Southern Focus Trust, a charity that provides homes for Mentally Ill and Homeless people.

Other people in my house get equally enough money to me and waste it all on chain-smoking, alcohol or food. One girl, 22 wants to go out with me but is fat as a house (probably due to the Medication) and doesn't dress in a very flattering fashion, I have no interest in her what so ever. She eats an evening meal, then cooks bacon and eggs, then orders a curry, then drinks a whole 2 litre bottle of fizz plus a few pepperamies. She's always asking for 20p for the phone. She's half French and lived with Father in France for two years but couldn't learn anything at school because her French wasn't good enough.

Another resident always wants 'just' another 2 for smokes and never has got any money. He spends all his benefits on the day he gets then bums of everyone. He refuses to walk or get the bus and get's taxi's everywhere. He has a habit of turning up in a cab with no money and demanding you pay. He claims to be an artist but spends most of his life lying around in the lounge. Probably due to enforced medication wiping him out. Of course the alcoholics and chain-smokers are always broke too. One even cuts back on his food just eating beans and cheese on toast. That's where all your taxes go to: support Gluttony for people on Disability Benefit! A lot of them have lost touch with their families.