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Title           Moonbase, Lunar Colony Simulator
Game Type       Management Sim
Company         Wesson International
Players         1

Check: for reviews of Amiga Games. (1.83Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Moonbase, Lunar Colony Simulator Download. Run with the Universal Amiga Emulator included. You can also read the game manual.

Run .exe file
Select 'Disk Drive'
Select '...' to Load

MAJOR MS-DOS PROBLEM - The PC Version of the program (below) won't run under later versions of MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operation System, with the 'C:>' Command Prompt) i.e. Windows XP, Vista Basic, Windows 7...
Probably works on Windows 95/98.
Will it work on Windows 8 (in production)???
It is run using the MS-DOS Shell, not Windows. Other Software that won't run includes Star Trek: The Birth of the Federation. This comes with a good manual off Ebay. But Microprose's Master of Orion II is superior in every way! And WORKS!!! Take a look right down the whole page as there are some good great [science fiction] pictures, and it gives a good jist of how the game works.

Moonbase Manual Cover

Moonbase Manual Technical Appendix
You must read this if you want to run an efficient base. It details the following:

Resupply Needs (kg/month)
Power Needed (kWe)
Man Power
Crew Capacity
Description - requirements of ever type of building and what they produce.

[JUN06] "Coiled tubing units are so compact and have such great potential, the Mars Drilling Project is evaluating a coiled tubing unit to drill for water on Mars." It can rotate up to 90 degrees, and drill 400 feet/hour driven by Nitrogen.
Reinaldo Latham, Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. (CTBG)

I thought I would include a review of this game, as it is a similar concept to colonization, and so might be of interest to some readers.

This is a very unusual game, quite apart from the run of the mill. It is one of my favourites. The game is not by a software company as such, but by a Construction Company, predicting a near future Moonbase, and showing how it can be technically, and more importantly economically feasible, the Programmers consulted NASA experts. The concept gels well, and seems plausible, but one decimal point in the wrong place for commodity prices, and it could all fall to bits. The game rightly predicted that there was a high change of finding water deposits on the Moon, in the form and crashed meteorites. Since the real life discovery plans for a Moonbase have been revealed, showing just how critical it is. In the game you don't allows find water, it is winnable without it - just! But a walk over with it, as it is needed for drinking, growing food (it is highly costly to ship in), and for making oxygen and rocket fuel (H2O -> Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen).

Also mine Helium-3 for [as yet un-discovered] radiation free Fusion Reactors. The Russians plan a Moon mission in 2015 for this very purpose! Make high quality Semiconductors (better quality due to low gravity), Solar Panels, and Equipment for missions through out the Solar System. Low Gravity means material can be fired into orbit using a cheap Mag-Lev system, as opposed to the extoriantly high cost of lifting out of Earth Orbit. Also build Hotels for Ultra-Rich tourist, and get NASA grants, that dry up over the years or if war occurs on Earth. Stock Market Prices for all commodities.

You also get a big manual, which is a story, with technical and game information scattered through it, most novel (pardon the pun). The story involves, not surprisingly, the foundation of a lunar colony. With another Chinese colony on the other side of the moon (again very plausible in today's world). Among other thing they have to prevent a melt down of a fission reactor, see to a crashed lander, break a strike, and trade solar power with the Chinese, as one side of the moon is in darkness, when the other is light, with a lunar might lasting 14 earth days, this makes a lot of sense.

For once the blurb on the back cover, actually reflects the game, so I will include it:

"Take A Giant Leap in Simulations!

Moonbase Screen Shot

You are Commander of Project Moonbase, NASA's long-range plan to Earth's Moon. From your multi-million dollar annual budgets, you must establish a base, then manage its growth into a full-fledged, independent colony. With savvy (and luck), you may create a self-sufficient city on the Moon, but not without adeptly handling the myriad leadership problems in the highly-charged political and harsh physical environment.

NASA modeling at your command
Select and clear a site for the Lunar colony ... build landing pads ... erect habitat modules ... set up power stations and grids ... create mining and processing facilities ... supply essential life-support services to the colonists. Comprehensive socio- and economic models from KDT Industries - a NASA contractor - animate and enliven you base.

Explore and exploit the Moon's surface
Explore the lunar surface for new mining sites. Process the raw materials you find into oxygen, water and helium-3, then use then internally or sell them to Mars missions. Build hotels for fat cats from Earth. Profits from ventures like these can free you from Earth's purse strings - you might even want to declare independence!

Air leak in solar station #3!
Pressure loss ... radiation leaks ... power outages! Any accident can break your tenuous hold on this hostile surface. Can you cope with nuclear contamination, solar flares, and meteor showers fast enough to save the colony.

Will Project Moonbase flourish or die, Commander?

[Commodore Amiga] System Requirements
- Any Amiga
- 512K RAM
- One floopy drive
- KICKSTART and WORKBENCH 1.2 or greater

Wesson International Logo

As with most resource management games there are several resources to balance, you don't want more than you need of any otherwise this will lead to extra costs and inefficiencies, but if you buy in bulk start-up and maintenance costs are cheaper, so you must work out the optimum balance. You begin with an Annual NASA Grant, that decreases over time, and may stop all together when Earth is at War, or in Recession. It is a finite resource, so invest wisely, or your Colony's going to be a turkey. The resources are Money (you can never have too much of this!), Power, Heat Dissipation, Food, Scientific Research, and Commodities. Some small modules have their own solar panels, and cooling radiators. Modules also need to be connected to roads, power lines, and heat pipes before they function. Also if there is a shortage of power, or cooling production efficiency will reduce.

Commodities are:

It is a good idea to have as many Commodities as possible, so if the bottom drops out of one market, you can stop production, or run at a slight loss if you have excess capacity, and make up the short fall somewhere else. The stock market simulation is very realistic, and is effected by over/under supply, war, recession, and scientific breakthroughs.

There are also a few events that happen:

The crew live in habitation modules, these come in several sizes, the larger ones being more efficient, but only when fully occupied. Remember most modules require crew, so once built you must ship in extra workers from Earth, or production efficiency will be reduced.

Spare parts have to be shipped in from Earth, so you can build maintenance/repair facilities to cut down on shipment costs. There running costs are high, as they have to get specialist engineering equipment from Earth themselves, so you must work out the optimum number to build, to reduce maintenance costs, but not make a bigger running cost. They are very useful though, especially when you are running on a tight budget. At the end of the year you decide a percentage for resupply, if this is below 100%, due to lack of funds, or you saving for something, more things will break, and productivity will be reduced.

A greenhouse can be built which reduces food costs, but only if you have a lot of workers as it requires a lot of water, power, and cooling. It's very cost effective if you have discovered water.

A communication module can be built, but this isn't must cop, only giving you commodity prices scrolling across the screen, which can be found in a menu anyway.

Buildings can be bulldozed, if no longer required, or uneconomic.

The game's only major drawback is that once completed a few times it gets rather repetitive, and you end up with piles of money with nothing to buy having bought everything, or in permanent bankruptcy, unable to claw your way back. Perhaps they should bring out a sequel , where you start with a fully functional Moonbase, and have to construct a Spacestation, or a Mars mission, or compete with other Colonies. This game is more challenging than most, and is not a guaranteed win, but is easier with experience. A minor drawback is power and cooling can only be connected in one corner of most buildings, to a 3 way connector. As two connections are always used, and all building must be connected it makes for a bit of a topological problem, and repetitive city planning. The game ends after 100 years, with the aim that you will be self sufficient.

Moonbase Cheats

[DEC99] Get rid of craters by Michael K. Altschuler

Build pipes or wires around the edge then bulldoze them and no more crater! You can now fit 4 H2O pumps on to a crater that would normally only hold 1.