Industrial Technology - Master of Orion 2 - Microprose


Research Laboratory     => +1/Scientist,  +5/Colony, 1 BC/Turn
Planetary Supercomputer => +2/Scientist, +10/Colony, 2 BC/Turn
Galactic Cybernet       => +3/Scientist, +15/Colony, 3 BC/Turn
Autolab                 =>               +30/Colony, 3 BC/Turn
Heightened Intelligence => +1/Scientist, effective immediately
Scout Lab => +1,2,4,8,16,32 Research Points per Ship depending on size
             Increases beam accuracy against Space Monsters, Antarians, 
             and the Guardian of Orion 


Automated Factories => +1/Worker,  +5/Colony, 1 BC/Turn
Robo Mining Plant   => +2/Worker, +10/Colony, 2 BC/Turn
Deep Core Mine      => +3/Worker, +15/Colony, 3 BC/Turn
Microlite Construction => +1/Worker, immediate effect
Recyclotron => +1/Unit of Population, No extra pollution, 3 BC/Turn
Robotic Factory => +5,8,10,15,20 depending on planet type, 3 BC/Turn
It is a good idea to buy Factories and Robo Mining Plants in new Colonies toget production off to a flying start, if you can afford them.

Pollution Reduction

Pollution Processor =>  -50%, 1 BC/Turn
Atmospheric Renewer =>  -75%, 3 BC/Turn, -87.5% with Pollution Processor
Core Waste Dumps    => -100%, 8 BC/Turn
Nano Disassemblers => Doubles planets tolerance to Pollution, 
                      immediate effect
Each unit of Pollution requires one unit of Production to clean it up, so the less Pollution you have, the more Production you get.


Hydroponic Farm    => +2 Food, 2 BC/Turn
Subterranean Farms => +4 Food, 4 BC/Turn (don't bother, terraform instead)
Food Replicators => 1 Food/2 Minerals, 10 BC/Turn (definitely don't bother!)
Soil Enrichment    => +1 Food/Farmer on non-hostile worlds
Weather Controller => +2 Food/Farmer on non-hostile worlds
Biomorphic Fungi   => +1 Food/Farmer on ANY world
Planetary Radiation Shield =>  -5 Points Damage, 1 BC/Turn
                              from orbital attack
Planetary Flux Shield      => -10 Points Damage, 3 BC Turn
Planetary Barrier Shield   => -20 Points Damage, 5 BC Turn
                              Stops ground troops and biological weapons
                              All Convert Radiated Worlds to Barren, and
                              remove Radiation Maintenance Penalty (+25%) 
Terraforming => +1 Food/Farmer, More living space, may need up to 3 
                applications, each more expensive than the last
Gaia Transformation => +1 Food/Farmer, More living space,
                       can only be applied on Terran Worlds
Artificial Planet Construction => 
Asteroid Belts and Gas Giants in the same system become Barren, Normal G, 
Mineral Abundant Worlds - Large and Huge respectively
It is a good idea to buy Hydroponic Farms in new Colonies to allow workers to concentrate on Industrial Production (instead of Farming), prevent possible starvation, and free up freighters (also note you have to pay to transport food anyway, surplus food is sold for ½ BC, or 1 BC for a few races).

It my opinion Terraforming is the best Technology in the entire game, get it as soon as you can, and then build it on every world. As enemies usually destroy everything on a world, Terraforming is the only thing that remains, making it easier to re-establish colonies once the war is over. Note Worlds are one level more habitable for Aquatic Races e.g. Terran acts like Gaia, Subterranean Races get more living space.

The Planet types are in order of improvement:

Toxic    => Can NEVER be Terraformed
Radiated => Can be improved using a Radiation Shield 
Barren   => Can be created using Artificial Planet Construction
Desert, Tundra
Arid,   Swamp,  Ocean
Terran => Can be improved using Gaia Transformation
Gaia => Most food/farmer and living space
Build Soil Enrichments and Weather Controllers on Worlds before Terraforming when possible, so less workers move to farming, leaving more for industry.

Population Growth

Cloning Centre => +0.1 Unit of Population/Turn, 2 BC/Turn
Biospheres             => +2 Living space, 1 BC/Turn
Advanced City Planning => +5 Living space, effective immediately
Microbiotics       => +25% Growth Rate, -50% Death Spores, Bio Terminators
Universal Antidote -> +50% Growth rate, -75% Death Spores, Bio Terminators
                      Both effective immediately 

It is a good idea to buy Cloning Centres in new Colonies which mean you get
an extra new Worker every 10 Turns, thus increasing production


Space Port                 =>  +50% BC, 1 BC/Turn
Planetary Stock Exchange   => +100% BC, 2 BC/Turn
Galactic Currency Exchange =>  +50 BC, effective immediately

General Production

Astro University => +1 for all workers, 4 BC/Turn
Planetary Gravity Generator => Eliminates any negative effects of Low and
                               High-G planets, thus increasing production
Android Farmers    => +3 Food,    1 Mineral/Turn
Android Workers    => +3 Mineral, 1 Mineral/Turn
Android Scientists => +3 Science, 1 Mineral/Turn
Imperium => +50% Command Rating, 4 Turns/Unit Alien Assimilation,
            +15 defensive spys
Confederation => No automatic assimilation if your planets are conquered,
                 Ship building 1/3 normal cost
Federation => +75% BC/Research, 2 Turns/Unit Alien Assimilation
Galactic Unification => +100 Food/Industrial Production, 
                        15 Turns/Unit Alien Assimilation 
Evolutionary Mutation => +4 Racial Characteristics (Choose Warlord!)
Alien Management Centre => 
2 Turns/Unit Alien Assimilation, modified by Charismatic/Repulsive racial
attributes. Remove 20% Morale Penalty for multi-racial Colonies.
-50% unrest, decreasing chance of revolt
Note when you conquer a Colony all citizens are unassimilated, and onlywork half as much as they normally would.


Holo Simulator => +20%, 1 BC/Turn
Pleasure Dome  => +30%, 3 BC/Turn
Virtual Reality Network => +20%, effective immediately
Psionics* => +10% for Dictatorship, Imperium, Feudalism, Confederation
Morale either increases or decreases ALL production, by it's current level. Note Feudal and Dictatorship Governments suffer -20% Morale until either a Marine or Armour Barracks is built, this also applies to their advanced forms. Unification Governments are not effected by Morale.


Xeno Psychology => +30 diplomatic points, making for less chance of war, and
                   it more likely for aliens to trade technologies