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IBM CD ROM DOS/WIN 95 Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares
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"Lead your people into other star systems quickly, securing the space and resources to guarantee your supremacy. Manage every aspect of your colonies resources. Choose either strategic or tactical combat. Features multiple game settings, 13 pre-designed alien races, over 200 technology fields, random events & disasters, and multiplayer options."

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Microprose - Strategy uses Master of Orion II game engine

"Manage a complex economy of empire-level resources, solar systems, and trade routes. Develop your intelligence and use diplomacy to weave a trail of alliances or enemies. Rise or fall by your ability to develop or acquire technology -- using espionage if necessary! Construct, maintain and refit a Starship fleet -- and put them to the test as you engage in turn-base 3-D space combat! Features multiple skill levels, galaxy sizes and other options for long-term replayability. Multiplayer support for up to five players via LAN, direct connect, modem and internet."

From the Golden Age of Computer Strategy Games. The '80's and '90's. Before Textual Mapping Garbage. Chips&Bits may be reforming as a Mail Order Games Site. I was one of their affiliates when I lived in Abingdon-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, England; and made a little money as a percentage of the sale for advertising for them on this site.

Master of Orion II has Newsgroups at and Here you can view and participate in debates with other Master of Orion II fans. If you don't have a news server on your Email you can view newsgroups at google newsgroups on-line. To setup newserver put news.???? in Outlook Express in tools/accounts/news/properties . Go to tools/newsgroups to activate and download list of groups.

I have condensed the data in the Master of Orion II Manual to make it a lot more useable. The MoO2 Technological Tree is a lot more complicated than Civilization II, with the computer players less willing to trade technology, particularly cutting edge military stuff. As you usually have to choose from one of three possible advances to research, the others can then only be gained through trade or espionage, making your choice critical. As some technologies are a lot more useful than others, you should choose wisely, or repent at leisure. The data in this FAQ should help you to choose the best trades. Generally it is best to get military technology first, as computer players are less willing to trade this, also advances are of different value, so pick the most complicated ones first, then you might be able to re-trade them to other players. In some instances you might want to concentrate on trade, science, industrial production, food production, espionage, military command, or general military technologies first, if any of these sectors are in trouble.

Technology by Application

Most bonuses are not cumulative, ie. new technologies supersede the properties of older technologies. For this reason it is not a good idea to waste picks on technology that will be superseded, other races will usually trade you the next lowest technology anyway, never the latest one. You can usually only choose one of three options to research, so the best thing to do is research single choice technologies, and trade them, thus reducing options to one or two, meaning you get more technologies. Technologies with * by them, appear in more than one section. Technologies are generally listed in the order they become available. The Military and Industrial sections list Technology by Application separately.

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