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Order $7.95 IBM CD ROM DOS/WIN 95 Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares
Microprose - Strategy
"Lead your people into other star systems quickly, securing the space and resources to guarantee your supremacy. Manage every aspect of your colonies resources. Choose either strategic or tactical combat. Features multiple game settings, 13 pre-designed alien races, over 200 technology fields, random events & disasters, and multiplayer options."
Order $17.99 IBM CD ROM Master of Orion
Order $4.99 PC BOOK Master of Orion Official Strategy Guide
Backorder $14.99 PC BOOK Master of Orion 2 Official Strategy Guide
Order Star Trek Generations: Birth of the Federation Game Cover $27.95 IBM CD ROM Star Trek Generations: Birth of the Federation
Microprose - Strategy
uses Master of Orion II game engine
"Manage a complex economy of empire-level resources, solar systems, and trade routes. Develop your intelligence and use diplomacy to weave a trail of alliances or enemies. Rise or fall by your ability to develop or acquire technology -- using espionage if necessary! Construct, maintain and refit a Starship fleet -- and put them to the test as you engage in turn-base 3-D space combat! Features multiple skill levels, galaxy sizes and other options for long-term replayability. Multiplayer support for up to five players via LAN, direct connect, modem and internet."