Sent in Tips - Master of Orion 2 - Microprose

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Courtesy of Bob's Encyclopedia Galactica:
Choosing and Designing Races
What to Build and Research first

Timothy Adams writes, I find it almost impossible to win on impossible setting without Creative. The setting I usually win (90%) on the impossible setting is:

+6 Unification
+8 Creative
+6 Telepathic
-6 Repulsive
-2 Ground combat
-2 Ship Attack

The above is almost to easy unless you get wiped early.

Some Gossip from Robert H. Bantly III:

Microprose is working on a Star trek based game with MOO II engine. Supposedly will be much improved for internet play. I am looking forward to destroying the Do-gooder Federation!!!

[Don't you ever watch the episodes, they are always about to get destroyed, but about half an hour into the program someone suddenly thinks up something, and surprise, surprise every one lives happily ever after - except a few ensigns who no ones every seen before. They always send the highest ranking officers on away missions but they never die. It's amazing how they never take more than 45 minutes to solve ANY problem.]

Psilons work well up to average, but try them on Hard and impossible...ouch! I believe the only way to win an impossible game is to be elected Emperor, it is the only way I have done it... use Charismatic.

Races based on v1.31 Impossible-winning race (Custom)

Usually everyone takes repulsive in MP; but if AI is set to hard and you are charismatic, you can turn LOTS of races against your opponent!!! Then, give them some really good tech. This is good for you, bad for your opponent, and fun to watch.

[You say you sterilize their colonies, it's better to invade and exterminate, then you get all their buildings, they can rebuild most of the defences before they die, you save a colony ship, prevent any other race colonising, and you can ship in new colonists from your race].

With non creative races, you should always choose ship advances; troop advances are usually not worth researching. With repulsive and unification, it takes forever to assimilate and the colonists will revolt continuously. What the hell, use bio-weapons and bomb them down to one colonist [you also lose buildings this way]; then you get to keep all their buildings. As you say, move your own folks in. BW works same as elimination after conquering.

Multiplayer with MOO II is shaky; you have to use DOS, all world and race names must be less than 10 characters, and you can not use game chat [Major downer I should imagine]. Best way is modem-modem or null modem (we sometimes use our laptops from work). The null modem is the best option, as you can throw objects at each other!

Courtesy of Bob's Encyclopaedia Galactica.