The Great Northern War (1700-1721) version 1.5 Readme

by Jonas Hasselrot

Sweden has emerged as the leading power of North but now Russia, Poland-Saxony and Denmark have allied to take back their lost territories. Historically Sweden held out for some years but after King Karl XII was defeated at Poltava, the Swedish Kingdom fell apart. In the Peace of Nystad Sweden lost control over almost everything they had conquered in the last 100 years. Will you change history?

All cities except the Neutrals are Objectives. If you end up with more cities than you started with its a Victory. If you end with fewer cities it's a defeat. Not for play: Neutrals. Russians (protagonist).

Comments by the Author

This is a historical scenario about the Great Northern War in which Sweden lost its reputation as the Great Power of the North. I have the Civilization II Ultimate Classic Collection so I guess only those with Multiplayer Civilization can play it.

I'm from Sweden so that's the country I have most facts about, if someone could tell me how the other countries Units looked like I would be thankful. Two things in this scenario are really different from the usual, Units become veterans only after they have seen battle (no barracks), and I have no city walls (a few cities have a unit called fortification). The thing with taking away city walls is that it will be easier to defend the places outside the city than usual, and harder to defend a city than usual. The result of taking away barracks is that veteran units will be VERY important.

Other important changes are: no settlers and no science.
All nations have their own Units with their own characteristics. I have also created a new map for the scenario. This scenario is probably most fun for people who live in one of the nations in the scenario or are interested in history but the geography makes it a quite different scenario so I think many others will find it interesting. Remember that this is version 1.5, look out for the next version (changes will come).

Choosing a Side


RUSSIA (protagonist)





NEUTRALS (German small states)


Every nation has their own Infantry, Grenadiers and Cavalry, all with their own characteristics and graphics. All nations have the same ships, and "cannon 1" but Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, Neutrals and Hanover have also a better cannon called "cannon 2". I've studied the use of Infantry and Cavalry in this war and tried to maintain historical accuracy:


I've created a special file for the history.


Create a folder under the scenarios folder in your Civ2 directory. Place all of these files into that folder. Create a Sound folder, for the Sound files.

The following files should be included:
and some Sound files

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