alt_ww1 Readme

This game is based on Microprose's ww1.scn in Conflicts in Civilization. It was good but I've just added a few extra things. Each power now has its own national historic flag, the Germans get a 'Red Baron' fighter, and the British get Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt. Britain and France can no longer go to War against each other as they have been combined, this also allows them to share Ports, Barracks, and Fortifications. Each Power gets Port Facilities in its Historic Military Ports. Spain, Persia, Central Asia, and Scandinavia now exist for trade, and to prevent other powers to building cities in stupid places. It is difficult to for the computer to start wars with them. There are also different city styles.

The file self extracts to the scenario directory. The sound files aren't included as they are so big, so if you want them, copy them from the ww1 directory.

If you like this game Email me and let me know, I'm always happy to hear from fans, it encourages me to write new games. Please report any errors or possible improvements.