Boer War Readme

by David Ledgard, Email:

As it is almost the Hundredth Anniversary of the Boer War, I thought it would be a good idea to do a recreation of it. Also because most of the other major Wars have been done already.

This Scenario recreates the circumstances at the beginning of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War. The geographical and military are an approximation, and may not be entirely accurate. The aim of the game is to give an idea of the forces that created the war, and the strategy required to win it.

The European Capitals are isolated for two reasons:

The British Empire and Cape / Natal are separate powers for several reasons; to allow richer Trade routes; Prevent Southern Rhodesia joining the War automatically; Give the Boers a better chance of winning by dividing the Empire; Because High Commissioner Milner was the one pushing for War, London was less sure about it.

It is in my opinion, possible (but not likely) that the Germans may have joined the War on the side of the Boers. This would have greatly increased their chances. After all 15 years later Britain and Germany were at War, and the Germans had simperfies for the Boer situation. If the Germans had attacked earlier they may not have lost all their possessions in Africa, a combined British / Boer expedition took German South West Africa in the World War I. Of course at this time Britainís navy and military was significantly greater than the Germans; this was less so 15 years later. Germans have a large treasury, battleship and access to Imperial Troops, which gives them a chance of victory. Use the battleship to attack Cape Town; it doesn't have a coastal fortress.

The Portuguese are Englandís oldest Ally, and less than a Century before had allowed the British to attack Napoleon in Spain through their territory. So it is natural for them to be allied in the game, a Non-aggression Pact would be more appropriate but this is not available. They are technologically and economically backward.

This Scenario is best played using the Civilization II Conflicts in Civilization Scenario CD, just create a directory called BoerWar in the Scenarios Directory and copy all the files in there. You can then run the game from this directory. It can be played using Civilization II alone. But the rules.txt should be replaced (after saving) with the BoerWar version, if you don't do this the Cape of Good Hope won't work, and the Witwatersrand Gold Field will soon cease operation. Also replace the units and cities files, for period graphics.

If you have any ideas how I might improve this Scenario or comments on historical / military accuracy I would be glad to here from you.