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Lemmings and Bustamove (380Kbytes) WinZip File (use Extract option, then to folder on Desktop) - get you lemmings from start to finish across an obstacle course. Make them climbers, diggers, blockers... Save as many as you can. (3718Kbytes) Demo game, shoot coloured balls at matrix of coloured balls destroying same coloured sections before your time runs out.

Golden Axe, Cannon Fodder, Theme Park, and Double Dragon

Golden Axe - souped-up version of the Arcade Game. Golden Axe and other download's like Cannon Fodder, Theme Park, and Double Dragon.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - the Starship Titanic Computer Game by the late great Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers to the Galaxy fame. Check my Favourite Books#HHGTTG.

Also by Douglas Adams and Infocom:


Centurian, Defender of Rome (943Kbytes) WinZip File (use Extract option, then to folder on Desktop) - Centurian, Defender of Rome - Build the Roman Empire starting with one Legion in the province of Italia. Rise in rank and gain new Legions. Upgrade Legions to Tribune Level (x2 150 Cavalry on either Flank), and Consular Level (500 Legionaries in a Cohort instead of 400). Conquer provinces through force or negotiation. Build a fleet, play gladiatorial games and have chariot races (where you gamble). Meet Cleopatra. Fight barbarian armies and put down provincial revolts. Came out on the Commodore Amiga 500. Has great on-screen Map of the Historic 'Known World' to the Romans. (4.34Mbytes) WinZip File - Amiga Centurian, Defender of Rome Download. With Alliances (thus reducing unnecessary bloodshed). Run with the Universal Amiga Emulator (UAE) included.

To load:
lick on 'winuae.exe'
Select 'Floppy drives' from the Left Menu (for disks)
Click on 'Select disk image' and load file

Note: the Courage of the Armies varies from Paniciky, to Weak, Good, and Fierce. Fierce Soldiers fight a lot better and are always desired. There are however only so many that the Player can get a Year. Countries in the game with Fierce Courage include Britannia, Gaul, Italia, and Greece. The last "Gallic Warriors" died in the Napoleonic Wars. Generally with a long Moustache. Some went to Britannia to defend it because they were the best. They were welcome in the Roman Army. Fierce courage still exists in Greece. But only a quarter of the last Legionarie types that fought Italy survive. Their type fight well with a Sword. They died in the battle for Italy against the British and Americans.

Beware the fate of the King of Thrace. It's in a film. Thrace provided Horsemen for Alexander the Great. It became the Roman Province of Thracia.

Microprose Suite, Imperialism, and Risk - RECOMMENDED

Civilization II Game Microprose Civilization II Game. Released: 1996. Play as one of 7 world powers, build, research, and conquer. Following games are add-ons to this original game. Try 'Tutorial' mode on the lowest level first to learn how to play the game. Rated: 96%. Great re-play value especially with Historic Scenarios.
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Conflicts in Civilization - has 20 scenarios for Civilization II including the Mongols, Napoleon, ww1.scn, and ww79.scn . Plus a scenario editor.

Fantastic Worlds - has 20 more scenarios including Atlantis with a new volcano feature that destroys cities. Plus scenario control language which includes a 'no talk' feature.

Civilization II Gold - has all scenarios from Conflicts in Civilization and Fantastic Worlds. Plus 'no talk' feature to allow total war scenarios. Select 'Begin Scenario' from start menu, then sub-directories to run Scenarios.
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Civilization Chronicles - includes all above games, plus a 96 page book about the history of the Civilization Game.
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Alpha Centauri upgraded to Alien Crossfire
new Let's Play Alpha Centauri! Part 1 and Let's Play Alpha Centauri! Part 2
Not as good as Civilization or Colonization but worth a try. Based on the Civilization II Space Ship landing on this close star and breaking into 7 factions like the Industrialists, the Academics, Gaia (Environmentalists), the Religious, the UN, the Hive (Chinese), and the Spartans (war minded faction).'s_Alpha_Centauri
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Sid Meier's Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares W95/98 Jewel Case CD
new Master of Orion II and A Lucky Start? on .
Released 1996. Play one of 13 alien races with different characteristics. Settle, develop and terraform planets; build a space fleet; research and trade technologies. Only disadvantage offence is a lot greater than defence meaning star systems are undependable in later stages of the game.
Master of Orion II Review at Mobygames. Master of Orion II Page on this site. - search 'Master of Orion II' in 'Computing' section. Pay using PayPal.

Sid Meiers Railroad Tycoon
new Railroad Tycoon on . COOL INTRO!!!!!
Microprose's Railroad Tycoon Game Released: 1990. An old game but a good one. Start by building a Railroad between two Stations. Build two or three trains to pick up Passengers, Mail, and Manufactured Goods for example. Has industries which require Coal and Steel to make Manufactured Goods. If not in one of your Stations you can buy a Steel Mill for example. Has four Maps: England, Eastern United States, Europe, and Western United States. Build famous named Trains such as the Orient Express: London to Constantinople, or the Twentieth Century Limited: New York to Chicago.

Start with $500,000 dollars raised from share holders, and a $500,000 dollar bond which requires interest paying on it. Has economic climates from Boom to Panic. Build into a city and receive 10,000 shares worth of Capital as an incentive to Railroad Building sometimes. Set game speed to medium as this game was made for a much slower computer. Revenues come in every time a train arrives at a station. Buy the game with manual and resource cards as there are other things to learn.
Get Railroad Tycoon Deluxe from this Server. - search 'Railroad Tycoon' in 'Computing' section. Will include manual, well worth a read - buy the Amiga version just for that. Pay using PayPal.

new Imperialism
PC Game. Start the game with an Prospector (to find Ore deposits), Engineer, Farmer, Forester, and Miner. With some towns and provinces. Find Coal, Iron Ore, and Gold deposits in mountains and mine them. Farm Wheat, Fruit Orchards, and Cotton. Forest, Sheep for Wool, Fish, and Horse squares are also available. Build ports, train stations, railway tracks, and wagons to move the commodities to you Capital City. Turn raw material into Iron (or much stonger Steel), Cloth, Furniture, Lumber, Paper (to train workers at College or University), Canned Food. Double and Quadruple Factories. Hire and train labour from the countryside to work in the Factories, in the City, and the Army. Research Technologies to improve production of squares, make the Railway go over difficult terrain, and make more powerful Weapons. Sell excess production to other powers for Gold or Materials in short supply.

Inventions like the Cotton Gin (invented 1793, and patented 1794 by Eli Whitney), and Seed Drill become available over time, and can be bought for a few $1,000 dollars each. They improve productivity by removing seeds from Cotton more easily, and improving Wheat Crop yield by sowing seeds in line with regular intervals and then covering them, rather than by hand. Other inventions make more powerful weapons, or Steam Trains that can go other hills, or swamps - etc...

Hire Labour for x1 Canned Food = 1/2 Wheat + 1/4 Meat or Fish + 1/4 Fruit + x1 Cloth + x1 Furniture. To begin with in history working conditions were very poor for the Industrialised Labour: Long Hours, Bad Health and Safety conditions, and Poor Wages. Trade Unions, not for prophit Building Societies, Co-Operatives, and the British Labour party helped improve working conditions. Build Armaments for an Army, and Navy. Invade other countries. Imports of raw materials from the Empires like Cotton, Coal, and Iron Ore make more money for the country. Oil is found later in the game to multiply up the work power of Labour.
Imperialism Opening on .
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Risk I J/C W95/98 CD
1997 Risk: Play Classic board game style or computer version. Has generals, forts, storms, desertions and different battle tactics. Includes four maps: World, Europe, North America and Asia. Play historic scenarios like the Napoleonic wars, growth of the United States and battle between the English and French for India. Great replay value.
Risk I and II Reviews at

Risk II CD W95/98 CD
Risk II only has a single world map. Use classic risk board game rules, or computer rules with Dungeons&Dragons type dice. Bigger armies get dices of more weight meaning the biggest army gets an advantage. Multiplayer attacks mean two or more players can attack the same territory at the same time and then fight it out. Or the player can wait and have two army stacks destroy each other. But be warned! They might both decide to attack you first. Makes for fewer big stacks. Only one map means not much replay value. There is a choice between Graphical battles, or strategic mode.

Axis and Allies by Hasbro W95/98
Play as the Americans, British Empire, Rome-Berlin Axis, Soviet Union, or Empire of Japan. Has Infantry, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Troop Transports, Submarines, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Factories. Invest each turns resources in developing 6 new technologies: like Jet Planes, and Rockets. Expect a good fight from the A.I. (Game Artificial Intelligence).
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