Hacking the Text Files

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Colonization was the first games to use Text Files to allow the user to customise the game. Civilization II which came out after Colonization also used them and took other ideas from Colonization like 'make landfall' and Dragoons.

Listed below are all the text files with descriptions of what they do. They are divided into two groups, those I think are useful and those I think you don't need to worry about. You can find the text files in directory 'c:/mps/colonize'.

[JUN06]From dalgo on the CivFanatics Colonization forum

Regarding Alaska, you could make a new map of the Americas to include Alaska by using the Colonisation Map Editor.
For that matter you could make a detailed map just of Canada and Alaska including Hudson Bay, Baffin Island and the NW passage.

One option for Portugal would be to change the Colony.txt file. This file contains all the possible colony names for each country. You could give all the Spanish colonies Portuguese names then play as Spain.

However, there could be an even better option. The Game.txt file contains a parameter called &Countries which includes this list:

the Holy Roman Empire
the Portuguese
the Ottoman Turks
the Barbary Pirates

Maybe the game is already designed to allow you to change your starting countries somehow. I wonder what starting advantage they would give the Barbary Pirates?

Useful Text files

Info in English, may need changing for Foreign language. Translation text files can be found on the downloads page.

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