Trade Routes

Trade routes can be created using the 'T' key when a ship or wagon train is active. They must first be defined on the trade menu. They can have up to four stops and must be either land or sea based. Building a road between colonies greatly speeds land routes which use wagon trains; reduces the chance of ambush by Indians or other Europeans; means colonies with minimal warehouse facilities are less likely to get overloaded and waste production; and this means your colonists and military can move faster. The game doesn't allow any more the 12 routes to exist, above this bugs start appearing. If you want to create a route trading with Europe you must first make a route between two New World ports then edit a port and your European port will then appear as an option.

You must both define a pick up point for goods AND a drop off point otherwise they will never get unloaded.

Load part cargoes

Use the SHIFT and DRAG MOUSE command to sell a set amount of a Commodities.