Implement the Teacher

[Feb05] Why does the AI always offer peace? by Jorge Pérez

Implementing the Expert Teacher would be a good idea. He could train up Indian Converts, Indentured Servants and Petty Criminals to be Free Colonists and be trained in the University. He could teach twice as fast and the player could select which Colonist was to be taught.

The Teacher colonists is actually in the code (as is the Capitol building and Building Maintainence costs), you can make him appear at the docks if you hack the Text Files. Just go the C:/mps/colonize directory, find the 'Colonist professions' and change the last number next to Teacher from -1 to 1600 (as he is University Trained; you don't want him the same price as other Colonists). Then you can buy a Teacher for 1600 Gold from the Royal University in Europe. He functions as a Free Colonist NOT as a teacher unfortuately!