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** COLONIZATION Ver 4.0 Readme.Txt ***

This version contains fixes to problems in Colonization that many people have found that should take care of the "random" lock-ups and make the game run a bit more smoothly. It also includes several extra features we hope will add to your enjoyment of the game.

Fixes for Version 3.0

Crashes, Lockups, Etc.

Several of our customers have reported lockups while playing Colonization. We suggest the following remedy.

In your config.sys file make sure the following is set:


We also recommend that you use the RAM option for EMM386.EXE. You can change this one of two ways. Replace the NOEMS parameter with RAM or run MEMMAKER and answer yes when asked if you have programs that use EXPANDED MEMORY.

Included with Colonization are examples of what the AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS file should look like. These files are named AUTOEXEC.TXT & CONFIG.TXT.

This should fix most (if not all) of the problems that have been reported. If, however, you are still experiencing problems please contact our customer service department at (410) 771-1151. Please provide them with the following information.

The contents of your autoexec.bat & config.sys files. DOS version Mouse driver & version number.

If you have a save game of the problem please send it in to us. Save games are sometimes our greatest resource when trying to track down a problem.

Added Features:

These extra features have not been thoroughly tested or play-balanced. In our never-ending search to satisfy you, our faithful customer, we have simply added these features in response to your requests.

These cheat functions are brute-force development tools which have not been polished for public consumption.

Use these tools at your own risk.

To turn on cheat mode:
While you are playing the game and the main map is visible, press Alt-W, Alt-I, Alt-N, in succession. The "CHEAT" menu should appear on the menu bar.

To turn off cheat mode:
Press Alt-W

Useful cheat functions available on main map:

In "view mode", the disband function (shift-D) can be used to disband foreign units as well as friendly units. It can also be used to "disband" a friendly or enemy colony, or even an Indians village.

Shift-F1: Create a unit. Select a unit to create. By default, units will be of your own nationality. To create a unit of another nationality, select "Foreign Unit" from the menu first, then create the unit of your choice.

Placing units of different nationalities in the same square, or placing units in the same square as a colony of a different nationality, or an Indians village, may cause significant problems in the game.

Shift-F4: Reveal map. Reveals the current map for any nationality, or reveals the entire map. Select "No special view" to return the map to its normal state. You may also see into another nationality's colonies.

Shift-F5: Set Human Player. Allows you to "switch sides" and play a different nationality. If you select "None" the computer will play all sides. In this case, you can also tell the computer to "automate the game", in which case the game will play continuously without waiting for user input. To stop automated play, hold down the mouse button continuously; at the end of the Dutch turn, you will be given a chance to issue commands.

Shift-F6: Kill Indians. Kills all Indians of the tribe you choose.

Shift-F7: Advance Revolution Status: if rebel % is not yet at 50%, advances it to 50%. If rebel % already 50%, starts the revolution. If revolution has already started, forces foreign intervention. If foreign intervention has occurred, causes an immediate player victory in the war of independence.

Useful cheat functions on colony screen:

T = Add a colonist to colony.
S = Change currently selected colonist's specialty to his current profession (so if he is farming, he becomes a master farmer).
$ = Add 1000 gold to treasury.
% = Add 100 of currently selected commodity to stockpile.
^ = Take away 100 of currently selected commodity from stockpile.
! = Give colony all possible buildings.
Space = Give the colony a "free turn" (i.e. run a full production cycle, without advancing time in the outside world). This can occasionally cause bizarre graphic events to occur, but these can be corrected by exiting the colony screen.

Useful cheat functions on europe screen:

$ = Add 1000 gold to treasury
[ = Lower tax rate by 1%
] = Raise tax rate by 1%

We don't expect that you will have any problems playing Colonization on your computer. If the game does seem to be malfunctioning, however, the first thing to check is your sound card configuration.

In the event of difficulty, we recommend that you try running INSTALL and selecting "No Sound Card". If the game runs correctly after that, then there is a problem with your sound card configuration. Check your sound card owner's manual and documentation. If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, call our Customer Service Department at (410) 771-1151, and a representative will be happy to help you.