The Council of the Wise.

The God's and their Earthly representatives.

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14th September 2012.
A bit about the 'Afardi' pre-Muslim Arabs below. Additional: to the Great Angels (just below includes about Norway), Voodoo, and the Nation of Islam.

The Birth Rate of the Industrialized World

Japan's Birth rate is only 1.2 now, as is Germany's, Spain's, and Italy's (no Bambinos); with Britain and France at 1.7; and the U.S. at 2.3 largely due to immigrants. This is caused by high house prices, social disintegration (more people living alone, and spending all there time in Education or using Entertainment Media), and two partners having to work full time. Some third world countries /have birth rates of 5 or 7 as their is no social security so your Children are the only ones who are going to support you when you get old. Also due to lack of Women's Rights and Education; and a 'Population Arms Race' between different Ethnic or Religious Groups.

It is probably good the Population is declining as the Supply of World Oil is diminishing. But at a much slower rate than forcast. It is down 9% from 2008 when it hit $147 a Barrel from $60. Once it hit a low of $12 a Barrel!!! It is forcast to go down a further 8% within 2 Years. Also Global Warming is happening at a much slower rate. New Orleans Hasn't Flooded. But Two West Indian Islands are forcast to go under the Sea.

God and Heaven

It is said that God consists of a Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can give Faith and Communicate God, Jesus, and Heaven's Thoughts. There are quite a number of Choirs of Heavenly Angels in Heaven. Some people float around on a cloud, playing a harp. Others are told things about their friends, and relatives. You can Dine well, or go for a Country Walk. And there are many other things to do.

Of course there is only One God in Heaven (God or Jehova from the Old Testament). My name David is from the Patron Saint of Wales. Saint David (c. 500–589) (Welsh: Dewi Sant) was a Welsh Bishop during the 6th century and built Wale's first Cathedral. I am David because I am a quarter Welsh.

Saint Magnus, my middle name is Patron Saint of Scandinavia, including the Shetland, Fair Isle, and the Orkney Islands. Other Saints include Saint Cuthbert: Feast Day 26th October, Bishop of Canterbury.

Christian's in India

A lot of Indian's in India have a interest in Christianity. There are 20 Million Christian's in India, mainly Catholic or Pentecostal. India is a land of many Religions, and Languages. Their are 2,000 Anglo-Indian's in Calcutta, who are the last of the British Blood, and are Anglican. Where Clive or India founded the Northern Raj. There are also new Half-Castes in Bangalore, where India Microsoft is. Many aren't nice as their Father's are the mildly sadistic systems to core programmer type.

The South-western State of Karala has is half Christian. And was Christian before the Europeans arrived. It is know that Indian Francian Nuns are popular among Indian Christians.

The Ancient Celtic Religion of the Britons in the Misty Isles

Druid's an ancient religious group still in existence mainly in Wales (Cymru: God's country, England being 'the Lost Lands'). It practiced Child sacrifice at Stonehenge, the meeting point of several Kingdoms. They also lead resistance to the Romans. Being one of only three religions outlawed by the Romans out of hundreds. Anglesea, Portsmouth Islands, and Hayling Island (next to it) where places of refuge for the Celts. Unfortunately Portsmouth Island was a Swamp so had no food, seafood generally needs to be cooked. There is Magic in these Islands, and the Celts had some Wizards like Merlin. The Romans put down Druid resistance Brutally.

There were 10 Celtic Tribes in what is now England. Some drank Milk and Ale, others got Beer. They had Bread in the Morning, Meat at Lunchtime, and Beer in the Evening. And lived in Wattle and Dorb Huts. Three of their Gods made extra Milk for three of the Tribes. One for each of three Tribes, with grassland for the Cow to Eat to make the Milk. Heaven now makes extra Milk for England, France, Germany, parts of the United States... any predominately Christian Country.

My 20% Saxon blood makes me 'a Worker', 'Who likes to do his bit' (the Celtic Blood). Southern Celts got Milk (and Ale) or Beef so were nicer, than the Beer Drinkers, and Hard Warriors in the Cold North. In the Dark Ages predominately Saxon Blood liked to work in the Pie Shop, Weaving, Cooking, Making Cakes, or Ploughing (half Saxon). They arriving towards the end of the Roman Empire from Germania. And settled in Essex, Middlesex (London), West and East Sussex (a few left there), and King Alfred's Kingdom of Wessex (Hamphire, Berkshire, and Southern Oxfordshire). Some Saxons had Good to Strong courage.

The Celtic Gods included the following:

Some Old Ones [Ancient Celts] are now around, in the company of Angels.

They had the Flute, and Harp as Musical Instruments.

"It's Not over until Fat Bloke Sings!!!". If we get Fusion Nuclear Power we can have 10 Generations of Electricity Power Stations. So far the reaction has lasted 6.30 Minutes, in the Torid JET Experimental Reactor, the new one being in Southern France.

Some Tribes walked a lot as there was nothing else to do. When the Romans arrived most English Celts inter-married with Roman Colonists, making none dark brown haired people. There are also Black haired (like Blake from on the Buses), and Red haired Celts - with slightly curly hair. They didn't walk near the Coast as it got quite windy, and their clothing wasn't warm enough. I had slightly curly hair when I was young.

The Southern Briton Celts quality of live was x15 that of the Cavemen, who only had a flint, berries to pick, and a fire to cook and sit round. Celts had Pottery, Woven Cloth, and a Knife with a Hilt on it. The most words they had in their language was 5,000 words, with some Latin. The Cavemen had 40-90.

Two Homosexuals working and living in a Hotel couldn't cope, so they ran away. As Homosexuality is outlawed by the teaching of the Bible (Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed, Genesis 19-29) I decided that they could become Druids and worship at Aylesbury Stone Circle in England instead. DRUID'S WERE NOT NICE, SO I MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG.

The Great White Spirit

The North American Indian's quality of live was x12 of the Caveman. See Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Book. Especially when they got Trade Good from the European's like Knife's with Hilts, instead of Flints; Beads; Hats; Mirrors; Cooking Pots; and especially Cloth, and Blankets.

The enjoyed a Camp Fire with everyone sitting a round it; and a Medicine Song.

The Ancestors of all North American Native American's choose not to align with the 'pow-whow' of the Gods remaining neutral. The Australian Aboriginals also aligned with this 'God'. In the late 1800's the last remaining Plain's Indians gathered together for a big prayer dance wishing things to be back before the White Man had entered their lands. Fully one third of the American Army was mobilised to contain them. I proposed that the North-West United States (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) should join with Western Canada (Quebec becoming independent) and go under the Crown again to protect the Environment (being the last remaining largely Wooded area in the US except for Alaska) and remaining Indians.

Native Americans are only called Indians because Columbus thought the world was a lot smaller than it actually was, knowing it was round, and assumed he had reached some outlying islands of India. He never actually discovered the American mainland. This was left to the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Bill Gates wanted to be President of the Pacific North West. His charity already supports the region. The territory was once nominally under the British Crown before the American's forced us to cede the territory to them and the rights of the Native American's there in.

Seattle was named after Chief Seattle who had two dogs like the one in the hit Comedy 'Frasier'.

The Bible

The Pope

The Pope (Bishop of Rome, connected to Jesus's Disciple Simon Peter who went to convert Rome through the passing on of hands) said all the remaining Standards of the Roman Legions had been gathered and buried in a Vatican Vault after WWII. He said Mussolini had collected the Standards of Genoa and Venice during the War. Venice was founded at the end of the Roman Empire as an Island Citadel for Roman Citizen's in 452 A.D. against the invading barbarian Lombard's and Goth's. It later became the Venetian Republic, a great trading power with the East. And Genoa and Corsica with the West. It didn't fall until the time of Napoleon. The Prince by Nicolò Machiavelli, and the Merchant Prince by William Shakespeare tell the history and more importantly the politics of the time and place. Vinter conveys from Italy arrived in Southampton with Wine during the Medieval Times.

Two standards were duplicated after being lost and re-cast and then found again. One Standard, the XXX was claimed to be the Auxiliary Unit that defended the Walls of Rome. They were teased for being homosexuals (kisses), so put lines above and below the XXX to look like a fence. And because of it's ridicule it was one of the toughest Legions in the Empire.

I believe Britain had 4 Legions when invaded, and 3 after the country was pacified, or native Kingdoms submitted. I think the IX Hispania was in Eboracum (York), Jorvik under the Norse. The Jorvik centre there provides a interesting example of Norse life, you can even strike a coin. The York Minster is also there, the second Arch-Bishopric of England, now with an Arch-Bishop from Uganda. Where 'the Lord's Resistance Army' operates, kidnapping children to become Soldiers in the North of the Country. Uganda has a some plant scientist's who have breed better breeds of plants.

Under the Minster is the remains of the old Roman Colonia, viewable, a home for old Veteran Legionaries given land after 30 years service and ready to be called up it event of Rebellion. Hadrian's Wall was garrisoned by Auxiliaries. The Emperor Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christianity in 306 A.D. after the Legions partitioned for it. His Statue stands outside, and he has put up his sword. The current and most famous Arch-Bishop Dr. John Sentamu thinks the Colonia is a Crypt. It has some ancient Chancellery stored there, the Silver Cup and Plate of Communion. There was once a list of the Arch-Bishop's of York going back 1,000 Years, at the door.

I read in the paper that two different Pope's had been elected: Gregory XVI (a German from Bavaria) - the Current Pope of course; and Pius X (an Italian), and there has already been a Pius XII anyway. I have also read on the internet that there may be one day a Pope Gomez, from Mexico or Columbia.

Anyway the Pope decided to return the Standards to their home cities which raised all Hell with the Roman God's returning to power in the Heaven's. I also heard the March of the old Legion's calling to me when going to a British Museum in January 2002, full of the old Gods. Particularly the Lost Legion, the IX Hispania that went North of Hadrian's Wall and was never heard from again. They claimed to have wondered the 'Chaos Dimension' for almost 2,000 Years. I believed I had the power to raise the old Greco-Roman God's, but wisely declined. I had to placicate the Roman God's in the big 'pow-whow' of the God's by sending a space probe to Europa a Satellite of Jupiter (King of the Gods) potentially capable of harbouring life, at a very low temperature, with a liquid other than water and the heat of it's core. In fact a few may have settled on the Clyde River in modern day Scotland, and sent for Roman Wifes.

The previous Pope John Paul II, dis-allowed the Condom. It had previously been acceptable. The only other legal form of contraception for Roman Catholics is the 'Time of the Month', which works well now we have proper Calendar's. Protestant's believe you shouldn't have more Children than you can Afford to Keep. One of the reason's for the Condom ban was that there wasn't enough Rubber for everyone. There now is, for those who wish to use them.

Pope Gregory XVI has legalised Condoms in the case of STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections) i.e. when visiting a Prostitute, or when sleeping with a promiscuous partner.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the the Pope are known to be on friendly terms.

The Crusaders

The Crusaders who were condemned to Hell for being of the religious orders: Knight’s Templar and Knight’s Hospitlar and still killing people. Every time they appeared I went cool. They said they didn’t kill with swords because they didn’t have the guts, but only battle-axes. They also said my one of my Ancestors had marched on the gates of Mecca. Being a Knight's retainer, i.e. leading the horse. To parlay for peace. A party of ten including Knight's from England, France and Germany.

Jehovahs Witnesses

When I worked at Fitzharries School, in Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire I had a friend there called Neil Moon. He was site manager who was in charge of the Cleaners. He also co-signed £50,000 for the electricity, and £50,000 for the council tax with the Headmaster. He and his Wife and Daughter were Jehovahs Witnesses. They went to 'Kingdom Hall' three times a week. They believe 'thou shelt not take blood' for the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This means they don't take blood transfusions. But this has been sorted out now and they can take Blood Plateletts. A lot of them have been 'Bab Boys', and are reformed. He worked hard for the School for little money. He used to work as a Nightclub Doorman. He is strong, but has put on a little fat. The new Diet pills might help from Boots the Chemist. Even 4 months supply help a lot. You can't help being hungry. He is half-Texas, and half-Southern Oxfordshire. I also meet his Jehovah's Witness friend the Window Cleaner.

I understand Harrison Ford in a 'Witness'. Partly I presume so he can mix with people and have friends out of the lime-light. The voices said the Director, and Head of Research and Development at Crowcon Detection Instruments, where I used to work, would have liked going there for a conversation, and the Director might have converted. Their 'Watchtower' magazine is colourful, and interesting. The know a lot about the History of Christianity.

The Buddha

Buddha meaning Enlightened One - just said 'I have nothing to say' whenever I crossed my arms in imitation of him. They said Buddhists go to Nirvana. It is actually an enlightened state experienced while alive. There was no Sentinel provided for them! Buddhism developed from Hinduism but broke away from it, practicing Yoga for example. Budda was born about 563 B.C. Buddhism has between 150,000,000 and 300,000,000 members. It difficult to tell as China for example is under Communist rule which tempers Religion. It is practiced in India, S.E. Asia, and Asia-Pacific in various forms. It was once in northern Pakistan but driven out. Recently the Taliban (meaning Students) destroyed three large Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, even after the Secretary General of the United Nations pleaded for their protection. Interestingly Buddhism only reached Tibet in 747 A.D. Buddha accepted the Hindu idea of life as cyclical, with death leading to further rebirth. The first teaching of the Budda is that 'Man is born to Suffer'.

The Shinto Spirit

  • The Shinto Spirit in Japan. Or the Japanese Martial Spirit and had great difficulty in accepting it was an equal not greater God to all the others.

    There were once Japanese Buddhist Monks in Japan. They wore robes, and rosary beads. I saw one in Oxford a few Months ago.

    Shintoism is actually based on the worships of the Mountains, Sky, Earth, Heavenly Bodies, and Storms. It is based largely on Buddhism and draws on aspects of Confucianism (respect for Family Values, and service to the State, 11th Century B.C.), both derived from China. Also worship of Ancestors, Dead Soldiers, and the Emperor who was regarded as a God until the American's occupied Japan. Previously no one had been allowed even to look at him until his picture was published on the Front Cover of Time Magazine. There are over 80,000 Shinto Shrines and 100,000 Priests in modern day Japan.

    The Kamikaze ('divine wind') wrecked two Mongol invasion fleets, 1274 and 1281. Leaving only one in ten alive who were quickly slaughtered by the defending Samurai. It is better known as the name of the suicide squadrons that attacked American Aircraft Carriers and Battleships in a futile attempt to stop the Whirl Wind ('You sowed the Wind, now reap the Whirl Wind', Pearl Harbour, or 'I fear we have awakened a Sleeping Giant', 90% of the U.S.'s resources went against the War in Europe) because Japan had so little fuel they couldn't afford return flights being under oil sanction (which may have precipitated the attack on America) and cut off from captured oil wells in Indonesia.

    Since WWII they have been as good as gold. Manufacturing Quality Products and a reasonable price. They are particularly good at miniaturizing electronic and mechanical products. They may make RAM (Random Access Memory) Micro-chips. They are very skilled in the field of Robotics. They acquired a lot of Technology from France, Germany, and Great Britain in Victorian times. And more from the American occupiers. The Korean War followed WWII and the United States of America required a lot of Transport Ships. So Japan started re-industrialising more to make them. Then went into the Motor Cycle Business. Then Transistor Radios, Walkman Music Cassette Players, and most Televison Sets. And later when American Cars were poorly made they got into the American Car Market. And still export to the East. And setup a plant in Northeast England for the European Market. They also made Arcade Video Game Cabinets like you find down the Funfair for SEGA, and NAMCO e.g Space Invaders, Galaxian, and Centipede.

    Who stayed for 5 years, except in the Southern Island Group. There is a complaint the Whales in the Southern Pacific are hunted too much, preventing them from breeding up. Whale is a great delicacy, when fish is eaten so much. Scottish Whisky is also desired, and Drunk - it has a fiery taste. Sake is also Drunk, made from Rice.

  • The Mikado - said to be the new Son of the Japanese Emperor, they only have a Daughter at the moment who can't ascend to the Throne. The current Emperor is Akihito. Princess Kiko gave birth to a son, Prince Hisahito, on 6th September 2006. Thus solving any problem about not having a Male successor.

    The Aztec Gods

  • The Aztec Gods - there was also a Mexican looking guy in hospital with me. He had the Whore of Babylon and a Laughing Devil tattooed on him, along with dragons and other images. The voices said he represented a guerrilla in the Chiapas Native Indian army in South West Mexico fighting for independence. He was said to be third in command. And had a camping chair, and water bottle said to be the best design possible. A testified by those two designers from TV. As well as an camouflaged army jacket.

    The Aztec Gods were very evil, exacting terrible vengeance of their enemies thinking their sacrifices would prevent the Sun from not rising again. The book Aztec Century (I found it in a cheap left over book shop in Oxford, England) at My Favourite Books details some of their more unpleasant rituals. Some one also played ‘I fell into a flaming Ring of Fire’ and I believed 5 pure blood Mexican Aztec’s wanted to rebuild the Aztec city of Tolatapan. They believed they all had to jump through a Ring of Fire with out safety mat or fire extinguishers with me on-line putting them off. The voices also said Machu Picchu had to marry an Aztec leader.

    Joseph, and his Coat of Many Colours

    At one time during my experience I asked my Father if Joseph was a Prophet, of a coat of many colours. His brother's sold him into slavery without the knowledge of his Father Jacob, and brother Benjamin who had stayed at home. He was falsely imprisoned and interpreted the dreams of two prisoner's in his cell (one of whom was killed by Pharaoh, the other given his job back). He was then commanded to interpret the Pharaoh's 'Seven Years of feast and Seven Years of Famine' dream. Which would be in Egypt and beyond, and was made Pharaoh's advisor. Which lead the Pharaoh to stock pile enough grain to feed all the people. His brothers returned wanted to buy grain during the famine and Joseph announces himself and Jacob was overjoyed he was alive. Pharaoh granted the family land in Egypt, and the twelve brothers became the twelve tribes of Israel and multiplied (two of which have been destroyed).

    So in fact he wasn't actually a Prophet but is a very well known character in the Bible, and the story is a right riveting read, in the first book of the Bible: Genesis. Also why weren't the three who had dreams Prophet's?

    The voices told me Alec Salem: the Scottish Nationist leader who my father knew had put him up to this at the instigation of Jack Straw who I believed had implanted transmitter and receivers in my teeth and lower brain by kidnapping me from my home and taking me to an American Airbase where surgeons implanted this start of art devise direct from MOSAD the Israel Secret Service as he was a Jew himself. I further believed that he intended to keep the voices talking to me until I committed Suicide, even though only 20% did. At this time I believed four senior police officers from the Thames Valley were talking to me via tetra radio taking it in turns of two.

    The Prophet Esther made an appearance as one of the Nurses in my hospital, with the same name. Also one of the books of the Bible. She became married to Xerxe's the King of Persia and learned of a plot to kill all Jews in the Empire. She turned the tables on their plotters and got authority from the King for Jews to kill anyone plotting against them in all 127 provinces of the Empire, killing 75,000 in all.


  • The voices said I was a sent by God as they were so concerned about the direction the World was taking. Similar to the Prophet Moses who issued the original Ten Commandments and lead Israel to the 'promised land'. The power of a Prophet is in the eyes. They burn with Masonic power. It's quite a kick. The fork-tongued Serpent in the Garden of Eden made Adam and Eve break their word and eat the Apple from the Tree of Good and Bad Knowledge. What puts Man above the Animals except his Brain? Well, the Bible says 'Man was given Dominion over the Plants and Animals.'

    They said I was going to build a new 'promised land': an Star Conglomaration through the 'Council of Kings' and issued two new commandments (not said by the voices, but appearing in my thoughts directly); and a '986 Rule' said as a voice for the Intel Microprocessor Chipset (before the Core Duo came out). You may have noticed there have been a number of Chipsets: Pentium IV, Core Duo, i3, i5, and i7. The Centrino is due soon with Windows 8 and 9, Outlook Express E-mail Client, and Windows Media Player. It seems a bit of a marketing disaster, and waste of rare Earth Metals that all these Chipsets were made.

    These Commandments are not for this World!!!!!.

    1. Good Drugs Good. Bad Drugs Bad. - said to be kept on a stone tablet in Ethiopia guarded by a Monk. They claim to have the Ark of the Covenant that was used to carry around the Tablets with the Ten commandments written on them. The voices claimed it was buried under Temple Mount, Jerusalem and contained over 5,000 'Chaos Beasts'. The commandment meant Rastafarians could smoke Marijuana which does them good by mellowing them out (and hippy fruit picker types - you can get a book of Summer Jobs contacts from the YHA Shop - Youth Hostel Association) but causes Schizophrenia in other races, particularly after a traumatic event. Or 'Just say No.' as President Ronald Reagan (1981-89) put it. A time of great Technological and Cultural Flowering in the West. Good Pop Music, and Interesting Computers.

    2. The 100 Stone Miles - said to be buried in the African country of Mali. It meant all Churches should be with in 100 Miles of each other. Probably not the case today as the Byzantium Empire, Asia Minor fell to the Muslim Turks cutting Jerusalem off from Europe (Christendom as was). The voices also said the domes of Orthodox Church's help Christian souls reach the Christian Sentinel (mentioned in the '2001: A Space Odessey' Science Fiction Book) buried under the Tectonic Plates at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from which it draws energy to function as a super computer repository of souls linked to Ten Dimensional space (Stephen Hawkings the Physicist believes in 10 Dimensional Space, it is mentioned in his book 'a Brief History of Time').
      It also meant Mankind could not venture more than 100 Light Years radius from Sol (the Sun) or it would be detected by the 'broken form' an ancient space faring race that had melded with machines to become immortal and compassionless (i.e. they would destroy us in an instant). And had developed all possible science and technology through the eons making them near invincible.
      There are over 150 potentially inhabitable worlds in this sphere. Whether we can reach them is another question. There is no Coal to smelt metal in space, so large metallic crafts envisaged by science fiction are not practical due to the exorbitant cost in rocket fuel required to lift any thing out of the Earth's Gravity Well. Asteroids might be used but they still need fitting with motors etc...
      It is believed that near Earth Asteroids can be mined for rare metallic elements.
      Beware: The 'Space Fiend' may find some victims in Space.

      Space Elevator to Near Earth Orbit in Brazil exactly on the Equator, and Stars with in 100 Light Years of Earth. Issac Asimov a New York City Jew wrote about a Planet called Trandor in his great and much loving Foundation Trilogy - Space Opera meets the Roman Empire. By Gnome Press in 1951 as Foundation. The remainder of the stories were published in pairs by Gnome as Foundation and Empire (1952) and Second Foundation (1953), resulting in the "Foundation Trilogy", as the series was known for decades. He regarded Prelude to Foundation as one of his greatest works (1988). He died and went to Heaven in 1992.

      Beyond 100 Light Years is the Constellation of Orion the Hunter (1500 Light Years), and the Seven Sisters of the Peliades, in the Horsehead Nebula - a Star Nursery.

    3. The 986 Rule - said to be buried in the African country of Niger. Europeans and Mixed-race people are not welcome in this country due to North African's dealing in them as Slaves, intruders are often stoned. 986 equates to the Pentium IV computer processor made by Intel. The first processor was the 4-bit (0-15) 4040 for calculators, followed by the 8-bit (one byte, 0-255) 8080, 80'186... 80'486, Pentium... Pentium IV - effectively 80'986 (probably 16-bit: a word, or 32-bit: a long word). This still hasn't been superseded yet but I understand a dual core processor is under development, so this commandment is out of the window! Why stop at '986? Because any more and we will be able to meld with machines and become immortal compassionless being. And be able to make a race of machine that come to dominate us. The California economy (the 7th largest in the world) took a nose drive as Intel shutdown to comply with this directive, and Hollywood also couldn't make any new films for reasons outlined elsewhere.

    The Core Duo (x2 Microprocessors on one chip) came out in September 2007, the slightly better Core i3, the considerably better Core i5, and a little better Core i7 followed.

    Currently there are 10 Million Computers with a Base Unit, Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor of type Pentium IV, and Core Multi-processors in Warehouses in the East, and the United States of America. As Computers use a lot of Rare Metals it seems a waste that they aren't used, or sold at a knock down price. There have been endless Laptops made which have very little Software on them. Just film websites, and office programmes. There seems to be a desperate shortage of Software, and 2D and Strategy Computer Games. FEW NEW COMPUTERS are being sold because people might forget their passwords stored in "cookies", and they have to copy all files across - either by going to the Computer Shop, or using the Read/Write CD-ROM (Compact Disk ROM). Remember you can order a Proper Computer with Big Screen and Keyboard from DELL off the internet with a Base Unit. Don't Forget to Buy a Manual from for example in e.g. BASIC Programming.

    I suggested they could use Ice Asteroids from the rings of Jupiter to Green the Desert. But the voices said they might carry Amino Acids (the building blocks of life) that might be dangerous to Humans. The Ice would melt on re-entry, and become rain: 'the Tears of Allah'.

    The Prophet Amos doesn't give his age in the Bible only mentioning he was a Herder and spoke out against Israel ignoring Jewish Law and committing injustices. The Prophet Noah (still near Heaven) was 950 when he died, and Methuselah 969! The dates of each successive generation in the Bible are used to work out the age of the Earth: 6,000 Years! Science says it is 5,000,000,000! Somewhat of a discrepancy I think you will agree.

  • The Image – Genesis 1:27: ‘So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them.’ I continued to define this including: Emotions: compassion, anger, fear, hate; Intellect; DNA: ‘I am the alpha and omega’; two legs; two hands; two eyes…

    The Sentinel

    The renowned Author Arthur C. Clarke wrote a famous book called '2001: A Space Odyssey' about a 'Sentinel' of dimensions 1x4x9 that arrived on Earth and taught the Cavemen how to make tools. It later goes on to find a buried 'Sentinel' on the Moon, which had emitted a large magnetic pulse. A Mission to the Planet Jupiter was planned and carried out. With the Spaceship having a Sentient Computer called HAL running it. It had first gone through a learning phase, like a Human does.

    It was said that the star Orionis, 66.3 Light Years away could turn it Nova using the explosive power to send a Starship to the central regions of the Galaxy where Stars are only 0.5 Light Years apart. In the regions of Space where the Planet 'Trandor' can be found. From Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy of Books.

    The voices said there was a Sentinel 27 Miles long on Orionis's Planet - a super computer linked to Ten Dimensional Space (mentioned by Stephen Hawkings in his Book 'A Brief History of Time') generating a reality better than Heaven for the very few who had reached it: half the Prophets and Disciples; Joseph and Mary; and the two Shepard’s. They said 'The view from Infinity's Peak is Amazing!', you could look down on all the ages of creation. To get there you have to navigate the 'Chaos Spheres' or 'Mind Worms'. Something I have experienced too many times and do not want to re-visit ever again. I had to guide the original Star Trek crew in a state of the art ship while under the influence of the 'Mind Worms' and kept getting it wrong telling them to go forward and dive into a Star, or back 1/4 impulse, to slow!

    Star Trek

    The original Star Trek Crew tried to land on Uluru (Aires Rock, Australia), a site sacred to Aboriginals, extremely isolated until recently. But crashed revealing the edge of a giant Sentinel like in the Science Fiction book 2001: a Supercomputer linked to Ten Dimensional Space (Stephen Hawkings the Physicist believes in 10 Dimensional Space, it is mentioned in his book 'a Brief History of Time'). that generated reality thus preventing anyone dying painfully. It was layed down by a ancient space faring species. You may remember the Star Trek program where Sulu had to guide the Enterprise through daggers on the Viewscreen. Aires Rock looks a bit like Table Mountain, Cape town.

    Blib and Blob

  • Blib and Blob - two alien life forms who lived on the Gaia Class Planet circling the Star Orionis. They were part plant and part animal, asexual beings. One lived rooted to the ground of a small island, growing and drinking Tea out of non-destructible Crystal Mugs. Drawing most off it's energy from their Sun, only requiring vitamins from the Tea. The other was a multi-celled co-operative organism that lived in the Sea. They both had nothing to do all day except chat over Tea. I sent then the entire BBC archive to entertain them. As they enjoyed Tea so much they forbad me to take any.

    They had been planted and engineered by a Space Faring Race from half way across the Galaxy. And a Star Ship circled their Planet to evacuate them when their Sun was ready to turn Nova. This also sent signals to me, when it was on the right side of the Planet.

    An Inca Princess

  • Machu Picchu - there was a girl in hospital with me from London of South American origins. Very few seem to have come to Britain preferring the U.S. which is nearer and where Spanish is widely spoken. She was very beautiful and the voices said she represented the ‘God Head’ Machu Picchu. She wore a silver belt to represent this, and was always walking round wrapped in her duvet late at night like the native Indians do in South America with blankets, as it gets so cold in the mountains. Native Peruvians look like Syrians only with darker skin. Perhaps they are related somehow. Also one time when the voices were discussing how Mushrooms were grown – not very pleasantly at a meal she looked like she didn’t want to eat hers. I think she was in for depression.

    There was also another girl linked to her in Lima the capital of Peru who lived in a park. The park staff let her and two other girls sleep there. During the day she begged for an hour, not liking the practice but having too. Then she read the foreign papers which were often left by tourists on benches for the homeless to read. A Hotel would give her and others like her a free room on Sunday evenings when they weren’t busy to keep herself clean and watch some television. She had to leave her large (Catholic) family as she was the oldest and they didn’t have enough money to feed all their children.

    When she heard about this ‘God Head’ thing she managed to get a room in a Hotel permanently with a few dozen other girls. There was claimed to be much rejoicing in the streets as they thought the Inca Nation was going to be rebuilt and she would be it’s Queen: ‘Reigning in Resplendent Robes’. When this didn’t happen she was eventually thrown out of the Hotel and found she didn’t have a place in the park anymore as some other girl had taken it.

    Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia where going join up with the northern Chilean Port of Santiago de Composa (to give Bolivia access to the Ocean) to form a new Inca Nation. Ecuador and Peru agreed a currency union.

    Machu Picchu like Cuzco is an Inca city built of closely fitted stones. It means ‘Old Peak’, overlooking the deep canyon of the Urubamba river in a semi-tropical area. Machu Picchu was a complex of temples, palaces and observatories and was the home of the Inca ruling classes. From here, high priests made observations and calculations enabling them to chart the heavens - a knowledge which gave them both religious authority and temporal power. Quecha is the language of the Incas, still spoken. The Inca only lasted about 100 Years from 1463 A.D. (in the Year of our Lord) until when the Spanish arrived. When the Spanish conquered the Incas 500 years ago, the last Pachacuti, or great change, occurred. This prophecy had predicted doom so the vastly outnumbered Spanish won, with a little help from Muskets and Toledo Steel.

    The Nation of Islam

    The Nation of Islam: the voices also referred to it as 'the Cult of Bad Numbers'.

    The voices can be very commanding: once they told me to march on the Nation of Islam Mosque in Brixton. There I found out (a) there is no Mosque there and (b) Brixton seems to be very White these days due to soaring property prices. I believed that the Nation of Islam at the time had called on the seventh dimension of hell and ordered the destruction of the Universe as they would rather see it destroyed than share it with White people. i.e. They Prayed to the Seventh Ring of Hell!!!!!

    Brixton didn't get a Mosque in reality. But they did have 2000 Black-British Converts who wanted to be better Fathers. They also try to help Criminals in Prison to 'Submit'. They have strong discipline. I picked up a 'Singularity' there, by a telepohne box.

    The voices claimed that x2 20 members each of their faith had said Amen at the exact same instant (as they agreed to Pray together); As had Nelson Mandela, and my old Iraqi Christian Friend: Mazda Abadian from Priors Court Prep. School who returned after so many years; in two of their West Coast Mosques. 20 members each x2 agreed to pray together at the exact same moment which is why they all prayed together. In the West Coast Mosques of San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

    Nelson had prayed for change in his country, rather foolishly instead change for the better which was what he really meant. Mazda on the other hand had found himself down on his luck and been forced to take a job cleaning the 'Sunday Sport' Newspaper Toilets were all sorts of unpleasantness occurred, he naturally prayed Amen to be out of their. Believe me you'll believe any old guff the voices tell you. Mazda did leave his job, but had to go back later because he couldn't find a new one. This wasn't it!!!!! These ideas did not come from my head.

    Not only that but Mick Tyson a convert to the nation of Islam during his spell in prison for raping Miss Black America had damned the Nation by proclaimed to be a man of faith and having the image of a certain famous failed Cuban Godless Communist revolutionary tattooed on his chest.

    When I was at University studying Electronics and Robotics I had three Muslim Friends from: Mombassa, Kenya; Zanzibar, Tanzania; and Malaysia. The Yacob (Jacob in Arabic) from Zanzibar was half African and half Arab. His friend who was not very nice stole my frying pan from the Halls of Residence Kitchen and took it back to Zanzibar. At about the same time as the praying he cooked Bacon in it in Zanzibar, and ate it. I could smell the Bacon, and was cast into 3 years damnation being kept against my will in a local Mental Hospital and forcibly Medicated!

    Mohammed Ali the boxer is the Nation's most famous convert but has long since grown disillusioned with them and become a fully practicing Muslim. Perhaps the Killing of Malcolm X and the fact that their founder Louis Farrakhan had children by five Women he did not support. Also it is a little known fact that Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a dream...' speech in front of Nation of Islam rally in Washington D.C. Believe I really don't have it in for the Nation of Islam, I could care very little about them at all. They are Anti-Semitic admittedly partly perhaps because African-Americans regard Jews as having sold them out by becoming accepted by White Society. But they have done some good work in turning criminals lives around; promoting Fatherhood responsibilities - through the 'Million Man March' to Washington D.C.; and opening self help shops in Black Neighbourhoods. Their symbol a Star, Moon and Sun incidentally happened to be very similar to Portsmouth Cities Crest a Star and Moon. Wizard's Hat's and Robes have the Stars and the Moon on them.

    Malcolm X's teachings are also against inter-racial relationships, although many Nation of Islam members our of mixed race?! He was smart enougth to be able to work as a Dental Technician in Los Angeles (the City of Angels, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Aire). I understand Murdoch out of the A-Team lives there, going between 3 mental hospitals for a chat. Also Reginald Berkely on the Jupiter Research Station in Star Trek.

    I was actually sitting in a new Room I had just rented in Portmouth looking at a window above the door and I am telling you to me the very fabric of space started warping and deforming. Then the door started opening the voices said when it is fully open the world will end. And believe me I believed it. I never been much of a one for prayer but believe me I prayed like I have never prayed before, and with the strength of Nelson Mandela and Mazda Abadian praying we managed to overt the unspeakable tradity off the very fabric off space-time ending and the universe being destroyed. And I am telling as far as I know the characters of Nelson and Mazda were exactly the same as I know them to be, which admittedly isn't very well. Nelson prayed for change in his Country. What he really meant was change for the better. Mazda prayed to be out of his job of cleaning the 'Sunday Sport' Newspaper in London. What happened was he left, and had to go back again. his Sister Nazarine works in a Pub that serves food in Covernt Garden, London, and he doesn't talk top her much; but is a practicing Christian.

    As our the 500 or so other characters who have passed through characters who have passed through my mind: among them people I have known, many who disliked me been came to be friends, people from TV and the Council of Kings: halve the worlds leaders who I genually believed I was talking to telepathically or to their spirits at least to find out what their view on various subjects. I knew Mazda from Prep. School, Berkshire (1979-81). He is a Christian, of Iraqi Origin.

    And what happened next? Tony Blair turns up and says 'I am be-el-ze-bar and [beware] the Whore of Babylon (who apparently only cares for her Mother, no one else). Beelzebar was actually a guy who had fiddled his expenses who worked at train timetables. He was too weak to resist the power of evil and press ganged into the post. He rides the New York Subway, and London Underground. And occasionally the Berlin Mass Transit System. He examines people's Souls, and listens to their conversations. He has the power to cast Demons, Schizophrenic Voices. And sows them wisely. For people who might starve for example, if they don't move town, or to get them sickness benefit.

    Malcolm X had to go to deep Hell for 3 Weeks. And was re-incarnated as 'Mighty' in a McDonald's next to Trafalgar Square, London. With Street Culture.

    The 'Nation of Islam' can call on Dark Magic. They have a trick with three Cigarette Packets discarded in the Street, they can send an Unamoured Soul straight to 'Hell on Earth'. They have tried their Cigarette Packet a Hundred times and more, and it still won't work on me. And now that Magic comes from the Third AND/OR Fifth Ring of Hell. They have also been sending a few pigeon feathers which are in the street. It can be countered by collecting 100 Aluminium Cans in the Street (per Town), and putting them in the recycling bin. I'm at 66 so far. They have picked on my Town, and three others.

    The Voodoo

  • The Voodoo religion. This is now mainly concentrated in Haiti, the Caribbean (a sea once populated by the Carib Indians) and the 500,000 strong Haitian community in New York City. It came from West Africa with the Slaves. Haiti was the second nation to become independent (1804) in the Western Hemisphere after the United States due to a slave revolt and the French Revolution. The Voodoo priests had to call on up to the second dimension of hell, their limit, to stop the Nation of Islam. The fate of the priests was to be exiled to the somewhere in Africa where they could slaughter one chicken a year, to prevent them using this dangerous dark magic again.

    Now they kill more than one chicken a week, with a razer blade to the throat which they hate doing, to make their Magic. This is equivalent to the Second Ring of Hell (Seventh being the worst for people). There are some Voodoo in Africa. They helped make the 007 Film: 'Live and Let Die', sung by Paul McCartney. 'Black Muscle in Harlem' [New York City]. They know about 'African Tribal Culture', and think there should be less Africans with more Possessions, and food in their bellie. Before Christianity, one Strong African had 2 to 4 Wife's, and some others had none. This meant the population didn't go up too much.


    Zeus once existed, but surrendered to God as Christianity had considerably more to offer the Greek people than Zeus. Greek was the central Language of the Eastern Roman Empire. The New Testament was written in Greek, and Saint Paul ('Saul I shall call you Paul', 'Road to Damascus Conversion') did missionary work around the Greek speaking Cities. He was a once a Jewish extremist who tried to crush the Christian Church in Judea. Many Jews converted to Christianity, but later converted back after there were no new miracles.

    The Pythagoras 'Cult of Numbers' was a Greek Cult that Worshiped Numbers, and Mathematics. They knew about Euclidian Geometry, and Irrational Numbers like the [SQRT (2)], and PI which they banished to Hell. A Hindu came up the the Decimal System written in Arabic Numerals: 0-9. 0 being a circle around nothing.

    Phythagoras's Triangle (known before him to the ancient Babylonian's, and Egyptians):

    3² + 4² = 5² 5² + 12² = 13² 1² + [SQRT (24)]² = 5² a³ + b³ = c³

    My Brother Jonathan, when he was a Bah'ii

    My Brother Jonathan, the well travelled Gentleman Journalist is a Bah'ii, having completed Prep. and Boarding School and then going on to St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland (Britain's third best University) reading Anthropology and History, and one year at Emory, Atlanta. His religion was started in the late 1800's by a Persian and is popular among the middle and upper-middle classes of North America, Europe and Asia with a significant number of Polynesians relative to their tiny population. It has 6 million members and is the fastest growing religion in the World (not difficult with such a small base), 2 million in India. It recognises modern science and all world religions. It's believers are heavily persecuted in Iran. They are forbidden from holding elected offices. Jonathan even had a Persian girlfriend when reporting from Texas for the Economist. I think she must have been a refugee from the 1979 Revolution that installed the Ayatollah's. He went to a meeting for single Bah'ii's in America but didn't find anyone he liked. So found a new girlfriend in the Czech Republic were he was posted, in between on secondment to Afghanistan. She is nominally Christian, the Communist's having banned Christianity in the Eastern Bloc for 50 years. He has a young Son called Hamish, a Scottish and Czech name.

    Anyway the voices said he represented the Bah'ii, which were also called 'the Cult of Good and Bad Numbers' for some unknown reason, who helped contain the Nation of Islam. He works as a Journalist; his posts including the United States, Poland and Hungary, Afghanistan, and East Africa (2012) based in Nairobi, Kenya.

    It is known that Dr. Bashir out of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a Bah'ii. The programme mentions a Wormhole, the Dominion, Changlings, and Tril (a symbiotic joining of two sentient beings). And the power play between the Federation, Klingons, and Vulcans; Cardasians; Ferengi; and Romulans. He is of Palestian origin. The Palestians are known to like their Donkeys.

    The House of Saud

  • The House of Saud, Saudi Arabia - the 30 most senior Princes. Every time I walked round a circle on the floor which was often as I didn't sleep for 3 months on the Abilify Medication. This didn't bother me as I was back to my old self only getting Red Eyes, but the voices came back with it so it was no good. I believed some Princes had to walk round the Kaaba with me. This was not true but what the voices told me, a delusion. The Fat Princes who like Ice Cold Galaxy Milk Chocolate with the Arabic writing on the Label would have been slower. They also like watching what the Muslims are up to on the News 10 times over.

    The Mahdi, of Khatoum, the Sudan

    Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah (Arabic:???? ???? ??????) (August 12, 1845 – June 22, 1885) was a religious leader of the Samaniyya order in Sudan who, on June 29, 1881, proclaimed himself as the Mahdi or messianic redeemer of the Islamic faith.

    He was getting a bit bored of Paradise so was returned to Earth by God. He now lives in Central Java as a Soldier. 100 recognise him as the Mahdi.

    The Prophet Mohammed

  • Mohammed who forbad any further holy war - he's one hard assed dude. And said Martyrs would receive 40 Virgins in Paradise but that they would all be old Women no one had wanted to Marry. Muslim's actually have to pray to Mecca, so when in Space, on the Far Side of the Moon for example they won't be able to point in the right direction. Does this mean Muslim's will have to be confined to the Earth forever? Or the Jewel as they called it.

    Islam calls Jesus 'the King of Hearts' and regards him as a Prophet not the Son of God. The Koran says he was born in a palm tree.

    Mohammed probably forbad Alcohol because it affect's Arabs more adversely than other races. Half of Chinese for example become red when drinking Alcohol, as they come from generations of Tea drinkers. Wine was necessary as many water sources were polluted, so it had to be fermented, or boiled (Tea) to make it safe. You also need Electricity or Heat to boil the Tea. Wine came mainly from the Grape growing regions of the Byzantium Empire at war with Islam, so it was probably a political necessity to give it up. Muslim Zealots got 'drunk' of religion instead. Saudi Arabia didn't come down hard on the drinking of Alcohol until one of the Princes got drunk and killed a Westerner. My religion Methodism says you should only drink in moderation, not to the point of becoming violent and out of control, or so frequently you spend all your money on it. It should be remembered the United States out-lawed Alcohol from 1920-33: Prohibition. 6 states remain dry. I saw four Arabs drinking Red Bull on a train and then thought it was alcohol. In fact Red Bull is NOT alcoholic. One Arab in hospital said he drank, but abstained from pork.

    Leviticus, 11 details 'Ceremonially Clean and Unclean Animals': 'Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "Give the following instructions to the Israelites: The animals you may not use for food include those that have completely divided hooves and chew the cud..." Then follows a long list of animals and birds not to be eaten. Pigs are included but this refers to the 'chosen people alone'. Actually it is too hot in most Muslim Countries to keep Pigs as it is cruel. Also they were slaughtered brutally before the Bolt Gun. Also it is too hot for them.

    Islam actually preserved the history and philosophy of the Ancient Greeks, for the West, and incorporated a lot of it into their Religion. They also had the great 'House of Wisdom' at Baghdad, and invented Algebra and the University.

    Forcible conversion is against the direct teachings of Islam but happened in the Partition of India on mass. Non-Muslim's were often taxed for not being Muslim's; but Christians and Jews were recorded as 'People of the Book' and their Holy Places protected in Jerusalem. Christians in Albania and Bosnia were converted through Islamic Schools, Better Jobs and Free Land. The Albania converts later taking control of the Ottoman Empire for a while.

    The Mameluke Egyptian leaders descended from Slave Soldiers converted to Islam (1250-1517) drawn from first Turks and Mongols, and then Circassians; a region north of the Caucasian Mountains of Southern Russia where the European race first evolved. At the time all Islam had fallen to the Mongol horde except North Africa. The Mamalukes made an alliance with Christian Crusaders occupying the Holy Land and Christian Cities in the Lebanon for safe passage past their Castles and Knights, plus supplies to fight the Mongols occupying the Middle East and threatening Europe. The Mongol force was weak due to no fodder for their horses so fell. 100 years later the Crusaders were driven from the Middle East.

    Mohammed said there could be no Prophet's after him, he made no mention of the Messiah predicted by many previous Prophet's. But Christianity doesn't rule out new Prophet's. Judaism still awaits the coming of the Messiah, and some Jews say the state of Israel shouldn't have been created until he arrives.