The Characters I Meet, and Schizophrenia.

I have suffered from hearing voices in my head: Schizophrenia (spilt-mind in Greek), on and off, since March 2001 as far as I can ascertain. 1 in 200 people get the disease. They say it is caused by guilt, worry, stress and the Wacky-Backy. I only tried it twice, but that's enough, on a fruit picking holiday back in 1993. Half the English pickers were on it, they're veggies to, and some wear their hair in dreads even though they're White. All it did for me was give me the munchies and make me lethargic. I don't see what the point of it is, particularly considering it's possible devastating side effects, it also rots the brain after decades of use. Believe me I've seen some of it's victims. It is smoked with tobacco. I know of at least two Schizi's who also tried Cannabis. Perhaps you have to be genetically pre-disposed to it.

I believed the voices were my neighbour at first and some skinheads out to get me. They went on all day every day and eventually forced me out of my house in order I thought to escape them. I have had over 100 people through my head and they all seemed real and to character, I thought I was talking to them telepathically, or the Spirits at least. The voices can get very embarrassing, intrusive and annoying. You swallow any old guff they tell you. The amount of 'mind screws' I have been through as Arnie would put it must be in the 100's. And they got me each and every time. Believe me some really bizarre things happened to me. The voices certainly pass the Turing Test devised by the British War Time Codebreaker and Computer Scientist who proposed a workable model for the Computer. He said that a Computer could be deemed an Intelligent entity if you could communicate with it by tele-type and not be able to tell it from a Human being. A State-Space Machine that output changes according to input, and feedback.

Well my 'World has been turned Upsidedown' as the American Colonial 'Continental Army' put it on beating the British 'Readcoats'!

The people who've been through my head include:

Their spirits only of course, though at the time I thought they were real and was talking to them telepathically. I really don't know where most of this stuff came from, but it sure didn't come out of my head. Scientist's say the side lobes of your Brain light up when having religious thoughts. I believed this is how God's our created. You join with whichever God you believe in when you go up to Heaven, thus the more people join the stronger the God becomes, and old God's having no new joinings weaken.


I couldn't eat Beef as that would offend Hindu's, Pork and Bacon because that would offend Muslim's, Lamb because I was the Lamb out of Revelation, and Chicken because it was factory farmed. I could eat fish but only so long as it wasn't on a Friday (Fri being the Norse Goddess of Fishing and Free Love, giving us the gift of allowing Fish to die painlessly). I also couldn't eat Salt & Vineger crisps, because I had equated them with 'Salt & [Gary] Linekar' (a English Footballer), thus offending him. There were other things I couldn't eat for various reasons given by a never ending succession of Characters. The voices would have had me on Bread and Water in the end if they had had their way. So I had to go on to vegetarian Mince and Sausages which aren't bad.