My Favourite Videos - Big Box Office
I have watched the following VHS videos, all from eBay, prices including P&P; or type in Film name at:

  • Superman Series from Marvel Comics, New York City. Christopher Reeve the Actor who player Clark Kent of the Daily Planet Newspaper, and Superman from Krypton had a terrible accident. He fell of a Horse and broke his neck. Making him Quadriplegic. He could only move his head, and thanked God he could watch the TV, and say 'Change' to change the TV Channel. He has now passed away.
    "Faster than a Speeding Bullet. More Powerful than a Locomotive. Able to leap Tall buildings in a Single Bound."
  • War Games (1983) Full Movie - about how cool computer programming was in the '80's.
  • Tron (1982) - early Science Fiction meets [understandable level] Computing and Programming. With state of the art graphics for the day. IBM'ers favourite.
  • Other People's Money with Gregory Peck and Danny DeVito.
  • Trading Places with Dan Acroid and Eddie Murphy. About a $1 bet between two high powered stockbrokers over a Heridity v. Environment debate [plus Medication]. Choicings two unfortunate characters: a down and out, and a junior stockbroker. Of course now a days medicine can also play a part to altering character. There are pills like for example Seroxat that improve self confidence, and nervesness.
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (1981) by Douglas Adams (5.95). See My Favourite Books.
  • The Last of the Mohicans (2) from Charity Shop. Set in 1757. During the on going 7 Years War between France and Great Britain in the Wilderness of Upstate New York. Both with Indian Allies (Huron, Ottawa, and Mohican), and Colonial Militia. Fighting for control of the Continent, and the lucrative Fur Trade. See The French and Indian War (1754-63).
  • Coming to America with Eddie Murphy playing a main role again and some sub-characters, as a King looking for a Bride in ghetto New York. He even sets up Randalphe and Mortimer again, giving then a pile of money from his African Paradise country, setting them up as robber baron stockbroker's again, and getting them out of their cardboard box and back in business again! ;-(
  • [William Pilgrim Father] Brewster's Millions. Character gets $3,000,000 he has to spend to get $300,000,000 from rich 'honky' Uncle. Can't tell anyone one so they all hate him. Even wins at bookies when he wants to lose! I get three FREE $1,000,000 bills from the cinema with his face on.
  • Same character and his sidekick mate in Silver Streck runaway railroad train that ultimately crashes through station.
  • Californian Goldcoast Flyer, two old time crooks relised from prison don't believe how much the world has changed and go to work in sweet shop or live in old folks home. End up highjacking train.
  • Lawrence of Arabia with Peter O'Tool, Alec Guiness, and Omar Shariff. An Epic set in the Arabian Desert where the Arabs are fighting for their freedom from the Ottoman Turks: The Arab Revolt. With the aid of British weapons and training.
  • The Man who would be King with Sean Connery and Michael Cain. Two adventurers set out from Colonial British India with 20 Sepoys past the Kyber Pass to seek their fortune. By Rudyard Kipling who plays the journalist telling the story.
  • Gladiator with Russell Crowe.
  • Doctor Who: Genesis of the Darleks (8.50). See Doctor Who. With Tom Baker, Darlek being derived from an encyclopaedia: DAR & LEK.
  • The Life of Brian (borrowed from a friend), a comedy take on the life of Christ by the Monty Python team. 'He's not the Messiah'. Popular Front for Liberation of Judea: 'What did the Roman's ever do for us? Except build Roads, Sanitation, Wine...'. At the Crucifixion they sign 'Always look on the bright side of Life'.
  • Ben Hur (3.20). By MGM won 11 Academy Awards. About a Wealthy Jew played by Charlton Heston who falls out with his Roman Childhood Friend who has been made Tribune, and is sent to the Gallies ('Row and Live!'). He saves the Consul from drowning in a sea battle and is rewarded with a pardon and by becoming his adopted Son (a common Roman practice). He goes back to Judea to find his Mother and Sister who were also punished, and meets an Arab Horse Trainer and becomes his Charioteer eventually racing his old Tribune 'Friend' in the great Circus Maximus, Rome. This scene took 3 months to shoot, and is very exiting with many stunts, one that cost someone their life. He then returns to Judea and finds his family to be leapers. Jesus makes several appearances, giving Ben Hur water to save his life, preaching to a crowd, and healing Ben Hur's Mother and Sister while being taken for Crucifixion.
  • Dr. Strangelove (2.01) or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb. With Peter Sellers staring in three lead roles. Incidentally he was born above the Chinese Takeaway, Next to my Local in Portmouth with does a very nice Sunday Dinner. The Plot: An Unhinged US Airforce Commander orders a nuclear strike on the Communist Soviet Union with B-52 Bombers. To get them with a first strike before they get us. The US President and his War Room have to try and recall them while warning the Soviet Premier to shoot them down before they reach their targets, or a Doomsday Machine will be triggered. Classic Line: 'No fighting in the War Room!'.
  • The Ten Commandments (3.40). About Moses also played by Charlton Heston sending the Ten Plaques down on Egypt to free the Jewish slaves, receiving the Ten Commandments from God, and their forty year wondering in the desert to find the 'promised land'. Exactly the same as the book of 'Exodus' the Second Book of the Bible. After 'Genesis'. DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY USE AMAZON. I didn't think it was possible to be a Communist and Capitalist at the same time. But apparentely it is in HONG KONG. I wanted to send a copy to my Christian Chinese friend there but they wouldn't do it and ripped me off twice.