[Mar05] re. Hammers and Tools by Cathy Wykes

I am always short of tools! I never have too many except in the very end of the endgame. Maybe I build too much and manufacture too much....

[ Try getting Adam Smith into the Congress as soon as possible to build an Iron Works, +50% output for free. And get an expert Ore Miner and Blacksmith as soon as tools start getting too expensive in Europe. Always build your colonies with one Hill or Mountain square for mining. I wrote a specifically changed America map with ore square for New York and Baltimore so you can build Colonies in historic locations. The trade system should allow you to transport some but not all tools from a high tool colony to a low tool colony allowing the former colony to continue building. ]

[Mar05] More intelligent AI by Cathy Wykes

Here are some ideas about advance warning and city manager options.