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freecol V0.9.5 - Colonization II plus Suggested Improvements Section.
Moonbase - construct a self sufficient base on the Moon, similarities to Colonization, free Download.
Kenn Miller writes:
  • "I just wanted to let the community know that it is possible to play Colonization on a Mac with Virtual PC. I just bought the game from eBay and thought I would try it. Has no bugs, works great, and very easy to use."
  • Colonization Wikipedia Encyclopedia Entry.
    German Colonization Site
    Don't worry there are a lot of pictures to look at and there is an on-line translation service so you don't have to know German. Germany may not have had any Colonies of its own (since it was only a collection of competing kingdoms) but a lot of German Colonists went to America plus the Hessian Soldiers. Massive site about games for all console types and platforms including Colonization reviews with lots of screenshots. Covers EVERYTHING., and and About retro gaming and classic gaming from the 80's and 90's.
    Amiga Games Database
    Reviews of old games like Microprose's Railroad Tycoon and Colonization.
    Game FAQ’s for many games, just type in 'Colonization'.
    Colonization 2 project Last updated May 2002
    Voodoo Files Professional site with gaming News, Demos, Patches, Drivers, Links, Support, Web hosting and a Search Facility.
    Other Websites by Webmaster with FREE Games
    British Unit Microprose Civilization II Historical Scenarios and Maps: Spy Unit
    BoerWar.scn, alt_ww1.scn, thereich.scn, alt_ww79.scn, alt_rules.txt,,, tips
    Microprose Master of Orion II Home Page - Space resource management game.
    Text Adventure Games based on sample transcripts from Infocom Games plus Planetfall and Stationfall Maps.
    British Amateur Electronics Club

    Civilization II Sites
    Click on the button to visit the Civ Fanatics 'Civilization Fanatics Center @' Website. Colonization Forum
    • Description Section introduces the game to other players.
    • Strategy Section contains in-depth strategy from me.
    • Timelines Section contains detailed timelines that describe the game from beginning to end, all important events are noted and there are many screenshots along the way!
    • Screenshots Section currently has 24 screenshots directly from the game.
    • Gallery Section has many images of wonders, etc.
    • Forum Section contains links to popular civ2 forums.
    • Downloads Section contains the complete civ2 unit & tech poster, useful programs, and links to other downloads. More downloads will be added.
    Alex the Magnificent's Scenarios and Gift’s Trakoria Spanish Civilization Site
    Darwin's Voyage: with gifs of each Civilization II Scenario Map:
    x9 - Modular Scenarios ; x21 - Historical Scenarios ; x12 - Fictional Scenarios
    Civilizaton II Units - Map in Chile. Four Stars **** Includes multiple gifs of: Sailing Ships, Old Sailors, Soldiers, Horsemen, Cannon, Catapults, H-Tech, Jet Planes, Carriers & Subs, Armour, Bombs, Diplomats, Settlers, Choppers, Early Flight, Caravans, Eng. Planes, Ships (Steel), Cartoons, and Other.
    Nathan's Civilization 2 Page - has Modpack, History of Civilization, CivII tribe Editor, and High Score Contest.
    Tour Eiffel CivII Site - includes: Pictures, MoonLand 3.0, Stonehenge, Contributions, for Mac!, and Mod. Survey.

    Colonization Newsgroup

    Here you can view and participate in debates with other Colonization fans. If you don't have a news server on your Email you can view newsgroups at google newsgroups on-line. To setup newserver put news.???? in Outlook Express in tools/accounts/news/properties . Go to tools/newsgroups to activate and download list of groups.