Civilization II Historical Scenarios

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397-198 BC Conquest of the Italian Peninsula 1100-1519 AD Pre-Columbian America 1492 Colonization Clone
1700-1721 The Great Northern War 1776 The American Revolution 1832-1906 The Great Game
1895-1919 The Spanish American War 1899 The Boer War 1914 The Great War
Jan 1939-Dec 1948 Italy's War in the Mediterranean Dec 1941-July 1961 Second World War Feb 1962 Alternate History: Civil War in the Reich
June 1966 The Vietnam War January 1968 Another Vietnam War Scenario 8th October 1973 Yom Kippur War
1979 The Cold War Nov 1983-Sep 1997 Another Cold War Scenario

Anyone with Historic Scenarios that need play testing, or which they wish to be included on this site, just Email them to me and I will include them if I think they are appropriate and of reasonable quality, time permitting. You might like to take a moment to read the History Files included with most of the games, they are interesting and informative.


Some game files download as Self Extracting ZIP's onto your Desktop, just click on them and they will copy the file into the c:\mps\civ2\scenarios directory unless requested not to, otherwise it we just download as a normal ZIP file which you can extract into a folder you create. Then just load Civilization II, and choose begin scenario. If you do not have Conflicts in Civilization or Fantastic Worlds, just back up old civilization files, and copy over them.

Microprose's Colonization

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