Civilization II Reich Civil War Scenario

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Bomber Unit Civil War in the Reich - thereich.scn V2 Unit

by Achim Voß

Microprose Europe Map

I'm sorry if the flag seems 'Politicaly Incorrect' but in this game the Nazis conquer the United Kingdom, and make their Eastern Boarder the Volga River in Russia. The Italians conquer North Africa. And the Levant also falls to the Axis. There are only two flags left: the Communist Underground which rebels when Hitler dies in Northern Britain, and the East; and the Rome-Belin Axis.

Only 1/3 of Germans voted for the Nazi Party. The Communist MP's were scared away. The Catholic Centre Party was dissolved to save Priest's being persecuted. The Social Democratic Party Headquarters had moved to Prague. And two Members of the Junker Prussian Upper Class Party were forced to serve in Hilter's Cabinet.

Try the PC Strategy Game Axis and Allies by Hasbro Interactive to play the Second World War as the British Empire and Allies, Rome-Berlin Axis, the Soviet Union, the United States of America, or the Empire of Japan.

The Riechstag has now been replaced by the Bundestag in Berlin with a glass dome made by a British Architect.

In the Game there is a Communist Uprising in Northern Britain, and the East when Hitler dies of Old Age. Communism makes a very good War Government. But is slow at inventing new Technology. And has little Money for Foreign Adventures.

What would have happened if the Third Reich had won the war? It isn't so unlikely:

Well now you can find out. The Axis dominates Europe but Civil War is about to break out, will Democracy triumph, will another power replace them or will the Third Reich indeed 'last a thousand years'? Only YOU can decide!

Download thereich Scenario (152Kbytes) - Red Flag Version.
Download theriech2 Scenario (153Kbytes)
Both include modified unit and city flag graphics.
Version 2 is improved with feedback from this site's Webmaster.
Both WinZip Files

Readme by the Author


This is the readme file of the Civ2 "The Reich" scenario. It is created by Achim Voß, Arnsberg, Germany.

"The date is February, 1962. In this time line, Hitler has made it to conquer Europe and Russia with the help of Turkey and Japan and support from Spain. He has never gone to war with the USA and so a cold war has developed. One month ago (January 1962), Hitler died and Goering, at the age of 69, has taken his place. But in comparison to Hitler, he is too weak and riots break out, splitting the Reich."

(This is the background story of this alternate history scenario)

The scenario is based on the fascism patch (I have only included altered rules with three altered tribes) and the original WWII scenario.

Directly when the scenario begins, a barbarian unit captures the Axis capital, Berlin. So the Reich splits...

As I say in the introduction:
Don't take the Axis - they are not to be played by human players (because the Reich don't split then).

Feedback to:

The map, the rules and this text file may only be published together as a Zip-file. Mail me if you want to use it for anything (or upload it on your site) or for feedback.

Condensed Readme2 by the Author

You enjoy playing the original WWII scenario included in Civ2, and now you wonder how it would have gone on if the Axis had won?
You have read or watched "Fatherland", but it was too boring for you? So try this scenario - I am sure you'll not regret that!

It took some time until the scenario reached the quality it has now, and I didn't do it alone. I really have to thank David Ledgard, and I recommend you to visit his Website. (You're already here right? ;-) )

The scenario, rules and of course the readme file are created by Achim Voß, Arnsberg, Germany. The units.gif and the cities.gif files were mainly created by David Ledgard.

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