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Civilization II improved A.I. Manifesto.
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"Sid Meier's Civilization II is a turn-based strategy video game designed by Brian Reynolds, Douglas Caspian-Kaufman and Jeff Briggs. Although it is a sequel to Sid Meier's Civilization, neither Sid Meier nor Bruce Shelley was involved in its development. Civilization II was first released in 1996 for the PC and later ported to the Sony PlayStation. In 2002, Atari re-released the game for newer operating systems, such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The Multiplayer Gold Edition was included in the Civilization Chronicles box set released in 2006." en.wikipedia.org

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Civilization II Scenario Installation

E-mail: David Ledgard - Webmaster.

Download as a normal ZIP file which you can extract into a folder you create and put it in the 'c:\mps\civ2\scenarios' directory. Then just load Civilization II, and choose begin scenario. If you do not have Conflicts in Civilization or Fantastic Worlds just back up old civilization files, and copy over them. With 10 Historic Scenarios, and 10 Fan Scenarios. Includes: ALEXANDR (335 BC), APOCALP, CIVILWAR (1861-65 AD), CRUSADES (1101 AD), INDEPEND (1775-83), JIHAD (632 AD), MONGOL (1227 AD), SAMURAI, WW1 (1914-1918), and WW79 (1979).

Note: drive 'Local Disk (c:)' can be found at 'Start' Button --> My Computer.
Create folder and cut and paste using right click button on mouse.
Run 'civ2.exe', and select 'Begin Scenario'. Then select 'rome.scn' or 'wwii.scn'.

  • Civilization II: Ancient Scenarios -
    * King David conquered Jerusalem in 1005 BC, and beat the Philistines.
    * "In the year 1095, Emperor Alexius sent an embassy to the Papacy to secure military aid for his war against the Seljuk Turks. However, western Christiandom would only fight if it would gain something back in return...territory. So when in April 1097, the best fighting machine the west could musture was encamped around the suburbs of Constantinople..."
    * "The Odyssey is an adventure scenario based upon Homer's epic Bronze Age tale. The scenario opens as the final events of the Trojan War unfold. Among the Greek besiegers is Odysseus of Ithaca, and this is the story of his incredible, adventure-filled journey home."
    A dating places the destruction of Troy, ten years before, to 1188 BC, which is close to the archaeologically dated destruction of Troy VIIa circa 1190 BC.
  • Civilization II: Medieval Scenarios
    * "This scenario begins in 1095 AD. During this time Pope Urban II begins to incite the crusades. In the lands held by the Turks there would be wealth and territory that would be very beneficial to the economically suffering kingdoms of Europe."
    * "When Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan's grandson, died in 1291 AD, it was at a time when the Kipchak's (Golden Horde) were preparing for a massive offensive into Russia. One, that if they had stayed, could have conquered all of Europe. Now the once great Mongol Empire is divided."
    Genghis Khan had also conquered the Levent, Iraq, and Persia.
    * "After the Japanese defeated the Mongol invaders, the nation split into various factions (Clans). Each was led by a house, whose leader wished to be Shogun (Leader) of Japan. The clans included The Hojo, The Uesugi, The Oda, The Mori, The Takeda, The Shimatzu, and The Imagaw. Your objective in this scenario is to lead one of these clans and unify feudal Japan."
  • Civilization II: Renaissance Scenarios
    * "The Mughals: An account of India towards the end of the Middle Ages."
    * "The War of the Roses.
    It is 1455 and England has split into five city-states, one being neutral in the upcoming conflict. The House of Lancaster holds its numerous forces and ships while the House of York continue their preparation for years and years of Civil Strife. The Kingdom of Bristol in the west begins to trade with the neutral province of Plymouth. The Kingdom of London begins to pile forces behind the Southern Wall of York. The white rose of Lancaster and the red rose of York will soon engage in thirty-year combat."
    The two sides were reconsiled by Henry VII and the Tudor Rose.
    * "The English Civil War (1642-49) was the conflict between Charles I. and the Parliamentarians, led by Oliver Cromwell. It resulted from disputes over their respective prerogatives. Parliament gained decisive victories at Marston Moor in 1644 and Naseby in 1645. Charles was eventually captured and executed in 1649. Cromwell later became Lord Protector of the whole of the British Isles and established a military dictatorship. At the beginning of the conflict, the Scotts were opposed to Charles for religious reasons, in this scenario they are allied with the Parliament against him."
    King Charles II (16301685) was invited back to the Throne to heal the rift between Parliament and Loyalists.
  • Civilization II: Industrial Scenarios
    * "The Franco-Prussian War v3.0
    The emergence of Prussia as the leading German power and the increasing unification of the German states were viewed with apprehension by Napoleon III after the Prussian victory in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. Bismarck, at the same time, deliberately encouraged the growing rift between Prussia and France in order to bring the states of S Germany into a national union."
    * "War of Crimea and the Crisis of the Balkans 1852 v1.0."
    * "Manifest Destiny v1.0
    In 1804, America stood prepared to take dominion over a continent. However, natives, Spanish, and European Great Power are sure to attempt to halt America's quest to satisfy Manifest Destiny. Lewis and Clark have just embarked on their expedition to map the new Louisiana territory, and President Jefferson has high hopes for the new nation. However, many obstacles lie to the west, in the way of America's expansion. Indian tribes reign free in the Southeast and the West, and the Spanish still have a strong but weakening grip on the Southwest."
Check: http://spanish.apolyton.net/ - Spanish Civilization II Site, with more Scenarios.

Civ School

Here are a few tips to help you win the Civilization II game:
  • Start by building a Colony with a 'Settler' unit. Use the 'b' for build command. They can also build roads: 'r', mines: 'm', and farms: 'i'. Choose a site with a good shield/food balance so there is enough food to grow the city and forests and mines to build things. You can trade population growth for shields. Generally it is a bad idea to build in the centre of four resource squares as gold and ore mines don't get used. Just build a level 1 city next to them to exploit them immediately.
  • Don't build a road to a Colony site you want. Go there straight away and claim it before another power does and use another 'Settler' to make the road or build on it the city.
  • Every Colony built will mean no barbarian uprisings within 3 squares in every direction even if there is a goodie hut there.
  • Use the sleep: 's' Command to de-select units until you click on them, or have them Board a Ship automatically.
  • Note: The 'Barracks' Building increases ground Unit strength by +50% (A)ttack and (D)efence. 'Sun Tzu's War Academy' does the same for every City. Example: Legion: A:4, D:2 goes to A:6, D:3.
  • Set the research level to 60%, the highest for 'despotism' type of government at menu 'Kingdom' --> Tax Rate. Try to get 'Horseback Riding' first. Then build two 'Horsemen' units to explore the territory near your Colony. You can sometimes follow the coastline to find fish and whale. If they are a square away it is not usually good to build by them as there will be too many ocean squares. A trireme can discover them but this may be too late as another Civilization may have built there. Locate the nearest settlement site and colonize it using a 'Settler' built in one of your cities.
  • Leave a 'Horsemen' unit in a proposed Colony site and build it into the Colony when founded: 'Support from this City'. This will stop an enermy unit from walking into the city, and also another unit to be built as there are less to support.
  • Next go for 'Alphabet' --> 'Code of Laws' + 'Ceremonial Burial' to get 'Monarchy'. This type of Government increases Shield and Food production on improvement terrain squares and allows 70% Tax or Science. 'Monarchy' keeps 3 citizens happy with 3 military units, 'Communism' doubles this to 6 with 3 units. It supports 3 units for free. Any more cost 1 shield each. Units like the 'Explorer' and 'Galleon', A:D:M 0:1:1 all squares as roads, A:D:M 0:2:4 carry 4 units, have 0 attack capability so don't keep citizens content when unhappy but can move outside cities and forts in 'Republic' and 'Democracy' without causing 1 or 2 unrest respectively. Food goes up from 2 to 3 in 'i'rrigated land, and 2 to 3 in 'm'ined hills.
  • Next go for 'Bronze Working' giving you a good defensive unit the 'Phalanx': 2 Defence : 1 Attack : 1 Movement. Then go for 'Currency' --> 'Trade' with 'Code of Laws' already developed. This give you a 'Caravan' a very important unit that give either 50 shields for a Wonder of the World at a go or makes money by going in another city especially if it commodity is desired. This trade value appears at the bottom of the screen. Trading between your own cites can pay if they are about 8 or above. This has the added advantage of depriving your enemies of trades for Research, making you the first to develop critical advantages, particularly Wonders of the World and superior Military Units. Trading between Continents adds 50% to it value.
  • 'Currency' and 'Masonry' --> 'Construction' + 'Iron Working' --> 'Bridge Building'. It is a good idea to research this early so you can build bridges in river squares using 'Settlers' making an additional unit of trade. Use the 'r' for road command. If key Wonders are required delay it a little.
  • I would recommend the 'Collosus' wonder in your biggest city, usually your Capital. This generate +1 trade per road square with no corruption as this city has the Palace. The 'Great Library' is also good as you get techs. when any two powers develop them. Building them with require quite a few caravans. The 'Hanging Gardens' is not much good as it goes obsolete to soon, wait for 'Shakespeares Theatre' as this lasts for ever. 'King Richards Crusade' works well with 'Shakespeares Theatre' and a high food city as you get 1 extra shield per every square including new ones.
  • Try and get a 'Marketplace' built in the 'Collosus' city as sone as possible to increase trade revenue by +50%. Other cities should also have 'Marketplaces' built early especially if they have a trade route. 70% tax pays well and makes money to subvert cities from the 'Marketplace' without swelling the enemies treasury. Improvements can be built faster by trading population growth for shields i.e. move workers from irrigated grassland squares to mined hills. This works particularly well for 'Graneries' (double growth rate in food bin), 'Marketplaces', and 'Courthouses' in corrupt cities (along way from the Capital). All these improvements cost 1 gold piece to maintain but with 'Adam Smiths Trading Company' Wonder they become free.
  • The 'wine' hill can usually be mined if there is enougth food. But if you have a lot of 'plains' squares for example irrigate it for +1 food and trade from the wine.
  • The 'Pyramids' are not as useful as most people think as the 'Granery' available with the 'Pottery' tech. It can be built doubling population growth in the city screens food bin. 'Adam Smiths' wonder can be built to pay their '1' gold piece upkeep.
  • Next go for 'Mapmaking' for the 'Trireme' ship unit A:D:M = 1:0:3 to explore the near by coastlines. Two are generally required to go both ways. This gives 'Seafaring' with 'Pottery' which give the very useful 'Explorer' unit and a 'Harbour' unit. Try and have one or two land based 'Explorers', a one each in two ships. A 'Explorer' unit has the added advantage of being able to land in a 'Village' / Goodie Hut and retreat to the ship, and has less chance of upsetting the natives and making 'Barbarian' units which can be very dangerous especially to 'Settlers', land improvements. 'Explorers' also ignore zones of control allowing them to go past enemy lines. 'Diplomats' are can be expelled when nearer a enermy city than your own. But two together can't be. Or one and a military unit, but this can be expelled when within an enermies city radius.
  • 'NONE' 'Settlers; can appear at Goodie Huts. If a lone way from your territory it can be a good idea to found them into a city at a well selected spot, rather than have them as Slaves not claiming food and shields for support. The city they found might then grow and produce more settlers. The more Colonies you build the less are open to other Civilizations thus weakening them. They might go on to build 'Diplomats' to subvert / bribe cities near by or Warships to invade close coastal cities.
  • 'Incite a Revolt' costs halve the price of 'Subverting' a City but leaves the Temple, Colloseum, and Cathedral intact. It can damage Diplomatic Relations by reducing Reputation if not a War.
  • It is not always a good idea to exchange maps as the other power or ally will send settlers to colonize the land you have discovered.
  • Sea power can knock out other Civilizations coastal Capitals before they get 'Gunpowder'. Go for 'Navigation' --> Physics. And then either 'Magnetism' or 'Invention' --> 'Steam Engine'. 'Steam Engine' is better as it is A:D:M = 4:4:4. M for Movement Points on the high seas. It also has armour class 2, like 'Musketeers' making it stronger still. The 'Lighthouse' wonder goes obsolete with 'Magnetism' meaning only 'Ironclads' have Veteran status: +50% Attack & Defence. If a Capitol goes down it is alot cheaper to subvert that Civilizations remaining cities. The cost it dependent of the powers treasury, distance from it's Palace and City size. 'Explorer' units can occupy a 'downed' city if no other unit is available, or build a defensive unit to occupy it and put it in a ship.
  • It is usually a good idea to send in a 'Diplomat' to gauge the enemies defences. Even if they have 'Gunpowder' they may not yet have built any 'Musketeers'. Sometimes a Capital doesn't have a City Wall early on in the game. A 'Diplomat' can gauge the defences. 2 Veteran 'Crusaders' can capture the Capitol if it only has 1 unit defending it, without destroying the City.
  • Go for 'University' + 'Gunpowder' --> 'Metallurgy' giving a 'Cannon': A:D:M = 8:1:1. Get about 4 or 6 cities building them very preferably with 'Sun Zhu's War Academy' or a 'Barracks' each to make +50% attack = 12. Set the tax rate to 70% to make money to either subvert cities or buy out 'Cannons' in on turn. The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) usually develops 'Gunpowder' so you can trade for it or get it from the 'Great Library'. 'Barracks' allow units to be fully repaired in 1 complete turn.
  • When building new Colonies you can make a ship in a Colony with 2 'Musketeers' and a 'Dragoon' for example, and build the 'Settler' or 'Engineer' next. Put one 'Musketeer' to 'sleep' and move it with the 'Settler'. Then order a new 'Musketeer' in the old Colony. A new Colony can now be built and garrisoned.
  • 'Industrialization' + 'Electricity' --> 'Steel' which allows a 'Cruiser': A:D:M = 6:6:5. This can outgun 'Frigates', 'Ironclads': and 'Destroyers'.
  • 'Engineers' are requires to make a fort. 2 can make one in one turn next to the target cites. Go for 'University' + 'Medicine' --> 'Chemistry' + 'Gunpowder' --> 'Explosives' to get them. Hopefully you will have developed a good roads network to get all you units they. Two 'Musketteers' should defend about 8 'Cannon'. Buy out also works for 'Artillery Pieces' with 'Steel' + 'Tactics' --> 'Machine Tools'.
  • It is a good idea frontier of forts around cities close to enmemy lines. They can be built up to 3 squares from the city without causing disorder in 'Republic' and 'Democracy'. 1 and 2 unhappy Citizens respectively. Generally the best time to build them is when you have 'Riflemen' - A:D:M = 5:4:1, prerequite: 'Metallurgy' + 'Democracy' --> 'Conscription'. 'Alpine Troops' defend better at 5 and can move over rough terrain. Try and build a stack of troops in a fort which can be moved along roads and railroads to the forts as needed. The frontier will stop enemy troops (numerous later in the game) from stealing any of you city map squares with their food, shields, and trade.
  • Forts can be built by 'Settlers' and 'Engineers'. Defence bonus: Jungle, Swamp: +50%; Hill: +100%; Mountain: +200%; Fort: x2 extra; City Walls: x3 extra. Coastal Fortress: x2 extra, check city with diplomat before sending in warships as this improvement can destroy ships. Note: single units in forts and the open ground can be subverted by a diplomat or spy when the powers government is not 'Democratic'.
  • Note: building a city in empty terrain stops the possibility of a barbarian uprising within 3 squares, all directions. They can be quite servere later in the game.
  • The 'Communism' advance decreases happiness by 1 per 'Cathedral', 'Theology' adds one, but allows 'Espionage' with 'Democracy' usually developed by another power. The resulting 'Spy' unit subverts enemy cities a two thirds the cost and can found free embassies and investigate cities for 1/3 MP out of 3. It is faster and can spot units and territory two squares away.
  • Any power with the 'Communism' advance gets a few 'Partisans' if there city is taken. The 'Guerilla Warfare' advance allows a lot more 'Partisans'.
  • It is a good idea to have a stack of 'Diplomats' or 'Spies' in your Capital, say 4 to 6. So if for example a city goes into disorder you have a unit that can go there immediately. Cities in disorder cost halve as much to subvert.
  • 'Insite a Revolt' costs halve as much as 'Subvert City'. But a subverted city produces no 'Partisans' as you are at peace with that power.
  • 'Communism' allows a 80% tax government with +50% veteran spies which subvert cities at a even cheaper rate. If you choose this government you may become stuck in it. A 'Republic' or 'Democracy' government generates +1 trade per road square making more money to subvert a city, and the 'Spy' may then become a 'Veteran'. Destroy 'Courthouse' makes the city 50% cheaper to subvert. 'Democracies' can not be subverted. 'Subvert' costs twice as much as 'Incite a revolt' but leaves the 'Temple' , 'Colosseum' and 'Cathederal' in place. It can also be used against an Ally.
  • The 'Courthouse' makes one extra Citizen happy in a 'Democracy'.
  • 'Electronics' adds 1 happy to a 'Colosseum' making is 3 to 4 happy, requires 'Electricity' + 'The Corporation' = 'Electronics'.
  • The 'Cure for Cancer' makes 1 citizen happy in every city, requires 'Medicine' + 'The Corporation' = 'Genetic Engineering'.
  • Set Luxury at 30% for 'Communism', and 30-40% for 'Republic' or 'Democracy' to get 'We love the King' day. +1 trade for 'Communism' when the majority of citizens are happy; +1 population for the 'Republic' and 'Democracy' while food is available. 'Marketplace', 'Bank', and 'Stockexchange' + 3 trade routes make this possible.
  • Don't be afraid to sneak attack another power. This will damage your reputation but could mean you could knock the power out if you capture it's Capital and subvert the remaining cities at a cheap price. 'The Eiffel Tower' Wonder halves the damage to your reputation immediately, and is supposed to make it better over a long time later. Powers may be allied so an attack on one will trigger a war with the other. Subverting cities keeps the peace as you have not destroyed any of their units. If you power is Supreme you can 'Demand Tribute' or 'Insist Troops Withdraw' to start a War with a 'Icy' relations power, and usually 'Receptive' as well.
  • Pollution is caused first by 'Industrialisation' with adds a 1% chance of a polluted square per every 'Shield' over 20. Next 'Automobile' causes a 1% increase per population unit. 'Superhighways' increases automobile pollution. The 'Mass Production' tech. increases shield pollution further but provides the 'Mass Transit' improvement that removes all population pollution.
  • 'Hydro Plants' and the 'Hoover Dam' increase 'Factory' output by a further 50% and reduce 'Shield' pollution by 50%. 'Nuclear Plants' increase 'Factory' production by 50% with no decrease in pollution. The 'Recycling' tech. reduces pollution by one per city, and provides the 'Recycling Center' which decreases 'Shield' pollution by 2/3.
  • The 'Solar Plant' improvement removes all shield pollution. Available with the 'Environmentalism' advance. Note: it arrives near the end of the game so is of limited use if you have all the other pollution improvements installed. However it also decreases the effect of one polluted square per plant so global warming can be averted. This happens for example in 'alt_ww79.scn' when too many 'Nuclear Missiles have been fired. Pollution on squares can be cleaned up by typing 'P' with a 'Settler' or 'Engineer' on a polluted square.
  • The 'Plastics' advance increases pollution.
  • The 'Flight' advance allows the production of 'Fighters'. 'Radio' allows the construction of 'Airports' which make Veteran (+50% attack and defence) 'Fighters' and +50% trade with another city that has an 'Airport' + 1 turn repair of Aircraft.
  • Build two 'Fighters' in each city by a enemy with 'Advanced Flight' Bombers. They can each be fortified to give +50% defence and a attack a Bomber after its strike, and usually becoming Veteran. Bombers can be very effective if built in numbers. An Airport will make them Vereran: +50% Attack/Defence.
  • If a Power doesn't have the 'Democracy' advance its Government will not be able to flee. This means you can pick its Cities off with Spies or Diplomats quickly and cheaply. Also a big power my have a Civil War and split into two factions.
  • When you have 'Mobile Warfare'. Build a 'Factory' in each high shield City. Build it stright away using: Buy 'Barracks' (40 shields, 160 Gold') + Buy remainder (Total 200 Shields). Your Treasury should have enougth money at this point to make the sale. Delay and a 'Factory' may never be built due to other works. This allows 'Armor' to role off the production line in 2 or 3 turns a piece.
  • S.D.I. - Strategic Defence Initiative (also know as "Star Wars"). Build this in your City and it will protect it from a Nuclear Missile Attack, and 3 Squares around including other Cities.
Look through the Civilopedia for specific details about Advances, Terrain, and Units.

22th April 2010.
E-mail: David Ledgard - Webmaster.

Customize World

With different settings you can make the game more interesting:
  • Size of World: Small or Normal. Big make too many colonies which slows the game down with unit movements. You could also try the in between size of 45x65. This allows more colonies for each power which makes the game more challenging without having too many empty spaces for the A.I. to take which forces you to colonize them.
  • Land Mass: Normal. Small makes you colonies have too many sea squares. Don't be afraid to build in the interior as this makes for bigger cities with the right grassland food squares.
  • Land Form. Don't choose 'Archipelago' as this makes too many sea squares making for smaller colonies. 'Continents' usually make too many hills and mountains, and note enough farmland.
  • Climate: Normal. 'Desert' makes for small cities, and 'Jungle' takes too land to clear with 'Settlers' or 'Engineers'. Any more than 5 'Jungle' or 'Swamp' squares in a city radius won't get cleared in time as it takes too long.
  • Temperature: Temperate.
  • Age: 4 or 5 billion years. 5 billion years makes for fewer hills and mountains. But in conjunction with 'Continents' makes for mountain chains that can be 'forts' built on them.
Game Level Number of Content Citizens Width of Build Bin
for Computer Player
Science / Tech. Speed
for Computer Player
Height of Food Bin
for Computer Player
Cheiftain613 Slowest16
Warlord512 14
Prince411 12
King310 Equal10
Emperor29 8
Deity18 Fastest6

Note: When the number of Cities in your Empire gets too many 1 extra Unhappy Citizen in added. The number is in 'rules.txt' at 'c:/mps/civ2'. I always play at King level as every one is Equal and you don't get too fast a Tech. advance from the other players and 2 extra Happy Citizens. Civilizations Food Bins fill up faster at higher levels making for a faster population growth rate.


Civilization II Maps including an oceanic world, pole to pole continent, difficult to explore continent, and desert world with a sea in the centre as the only source of irrigation.

European Map

Small version of Microprose's Europe Map

The above map is a cut down version of Microprose's much used Europe map. Suitable for scenarios like the Roman Empire, Napoleonic Wars, WW1 and WW2. I have deleted America, most of the Atlantic, Siberia and Persia. This prevents scenarios becoming too slow later in the game due to excessive cities and units beings built, and opposing units not coming into contact with each other due to distance and lack of roads. Russia now won't be overly strong.

Norway/Sweden is now effectively an Island giving a +50% intercontinental trade bonus so you don't have to rely on Britain for trade so can attack it instead. This should also mean Scandinavia can be occupied easier by the computer and units won't be crawling across the rough terrain between Sweden and Finland.

Small alterations have been made to allow Hamburg to be built as a port in a more realistic location and the Oder river has been added to mark Germanies present day eastern boarder. The 'Americans' start in Vienna so can be used to simulate the Austro-Hungarian empire, likewise the 'Japanese' start in Constantinople/Istanbul to simulate the Byzantium or Ottoman empire's.

Download europe_s (Version 1.1) Map (3Kbytes)
To use put in the c:/mps/civ2 directory and select 'start on premade world' when running Civ.
WinZip File

Southern African Map by David Ledgard

Map of Southern Africa

This Map includes areas covering the countries South Africa, Namibia (Southwest Africa), Botswana, Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia), Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. It is a reasonably accurate simulation of the climate and terrain of this region and can be used for scenarios like the Boer War. The isolated Cities on the left can be used to simulate Imperial capitals like London, Lisbon and Berlin.

Download SouthAfr Map (2Kbytes)
To use put in the c:/mps/civ2 directory and select 'start on premade world' when running Civ.
WinZip File


You may think you know all the tricks to win Civilization but if you read the stuff below I guarantee you will find a few highly useful ones you didn't know.

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