Civilization II Roman War Scenario

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397-198 BC - Conquest of the Italian Peninsula

Italia Map

This scenario is quite difficult, most governments are Despotic. Rome is a Monarchy but had limited food and cash, AND only one city. Make sure you build a frontier of forts garrisoned with legions to protect your productive squares. Government switching is not allowed, but Despotic Governments can be played, by building the Hanging Gardens, lots of trade routes and setting luxury rate to 40%. This makes permanent 'We love the Chief' days in cities of level 3 and above, so they produce food and shields at Monarchy rates AND support a unit free for every unit of population. You can play as the Romans, Carthaginians, Apulians, Sannitians, Greek City States, and Etruscans. There aren't many treaties in place so prepare for War on your first turn. There are also Celtic Barbarians. No special graphics.

Early Roman History

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