Cold War Scenario

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Spy Unit The Cold War - alt_ww79.scn Engineer Unit

by David Ledgard

Microprose World Map North Atlantic Treaty Organization Flag

This game is based on the WW79 scenario on Microprose's Conflicts in Civilization CD, and requires Microprose's Conflicts in Civilization CD or Civilization II Gold to be installed on your computer. This version is more Politically realistic than the original, with new Graphics, National Flags, more Cities, and new Power Blocs. You can play as the Soviet Union, NATO, Pro-Soviet Countries, Pro-Western Countries, Non-Aligned Countries, China, or the Islamic Fundamentalists. It is difficult to win as you have to win a War AND Survive Nuclear Winter. Good Luck, and Enjoy!

I recommend playing as China, Pro-Soviet or the Islamic Fundamentalists. The others have too many Units and Cities to control.

Iron Curtain
Cold War History
Cold War Readme

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