Civilization II Great War Scenario

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Tommy Unit The Great War - including a special Lawrence of Arabia Unit Red Baron Unit

alt_ww1.scn by David Ledgard

Re-Worked. Page Updated September 2012.

Microprose Europe Map German Empire War Flag Unit

The First World War was caused by an Armaments Build-up and Failure of Diplomacy.

Great Britian had a smaller Army than the other 7 Great Powers. But a bigger Navy with 'Dreadnought' Battleships. Also, it had the four Dominions and Colonies to draw upon for Soldiers and War Supplies. The Dominons were Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand (the ANZAC's Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.).

The Alliance System kicked in when Arch-Duke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assainated in Sarajevo by Serbian Nationists. An Austrian Ultimatum to was sent to an Independent Serbia on 23rd July 1914. Consisting of 10 points. 9 were conceded, and one was not. So Serbia was invaded. The Russian Empire immediately replied by declaring War on Austro-Hungary. The German Empire then declared War on the Russians (and other peoples within the Russian Empire) in support of it's only European Ally. France then Declared War on Germany. Belgian was Neutral but supported by treaty with Great Britian and the British Empire. Germany proceded to occupy nearly all of Belgium, in the vain hope of knocking France out of the War, but was held back. Italy waited after the Start of WW1 becuase she wasn't she whether to fight or not. Eventually Italy joined the Triple Entente Britain, France and Russia on 26th April 1915 against Austro-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire.

The British and French then formed lines on the Western Front and began building Trenches, and moving in Artillary Pieces to bomb the Germans. The Germans did likewise. The Ottoman Empire had Trade interests with Germany so declared War in Support of them. They got nothing out of the War. Germany had also armed them with the lastest Rifle. The Sultan was Deposed after the War, by a revolution by 'The Young Turks', Army Officers and others. Ataturk came to power and created the Secular Turkish Republic. 12% of Turks are known to drink Volka to relive stress, it doesn't seem to make them happy.

This game is based on the WW1 scenario on Microprose's Conflicts in Civilization CD, and requires Microprose's Conflicts in Civilization CD or Civilization II Gold to be installed on your computer. This is not essential but desirable, to prevent you having to backup and overwrite files. The Sound file is not included in the download as it is so big, so you will have to copy it from the WW1 directory. This version prevents Britain and France going to War, and has new Cities in Spain, Persia, Central Asia, and Scandinavia. The Germans have a new Red Baron Fighter, and the British get Lawrence of Arabia, and the Arab Revolt. There are several City styles, and national flags. Each Power gets Port Facilities in its Historic Military Ports. Good Luck, and Enjoy!

There are only 7 slots for powers. So Britian and France had to be joined together to stop them declaring War on each other endlessly. This isn't a very good solution.

Short History of the circumstances leading up to the Great War
Great War Readme

Download alt_ww1 Scenario (1.19Mbytes) WinZip File

French Flag

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has been key to Britian, and England before through their Histories. Helping defend our Islands. Having such Heroes and Sir Francis Drake; and Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, at the Battle of Trafalger (just off Cadiz, Spain) on 21st October 1805, against Napoleon.

The Port of Seville, in Southern Spain next to Portugal is essential to Spanish Trade, and Madrid can never fall. So will be held by the Spanish Crown forever.

It has in the past protected Portugal, Gibralter, Malta, and Southern Cyprus. Portugal is England's oldest Ally. Exchanging Fish from the Grand Banks, of Newfoundland for Port, distilled Wine with a better taste but more expensive. Malta was a key transit point for by English, French, and German Knights during the Medieval period, when most of England and Wales Stone Castles, Cathedrals, and Monestries were built.

The Royal Navy currently runs on Oil. World Oil production is now down 7% in 2012, from a 100% mark in Summer 2008 when it hit $147/Barrel - it has never exceded this. Oil prices have come down $30 in the past few months but are creeping up again. They are a bit about $90/Barrel. In two decades time World Oil Production is predicted to be 20-30%. This means Container Ships and Warships may be extruciatingly expensive to run. And the World may have to return to Wooden Ships that run on the trade Winds e.g. The Northern Atlantic, or the Arabian Sea.

Metal Prices went up x4 in 2008, but are heading for x2.5 now e.g. Copper, Lead, Zinc... Gold is seperate as it is a precious Metal. Rare Earth Metals are running low, so the Chinese may mine some Near-Earth Asteroids in Space. To make more Mobile Phones (not really needed); TV Sets; and Computers. No new Laptops are required. A Big Screen, and Big Keyboard with Base Unit are much more useable. The Warehouses are full up with unsold Electronic Consumer Products. Why are they making extra, when the old ones haven't sold???

Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia, an Explorer and Adventurer Arab

The Film 'Lawerence of Arabia' is considered to be the 14th Greatest Film ever made. The 'Ten Commandments' in considered to be the best, on balance. It is a re-telling of the story of the Book of Exodus in the Bible. It included two Egyptian Actors. 'El Cid' is considered to be the 28th best Film of all time.

Some Muslim's say they 'don't follow the Law of Moses'. But acknowledge him as a Prophet of Islam.

The Lawrence of Arabia Unit can be found in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. He instigated the Arab Revolt with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (1903 or 1906 1975). Lawrence can move like an explorer i.e. 3 MP (Map Places) over ANY Terrain except Water. He can bride Turkish Cities, and Recruit Bedouin to Fight, who travel on Camels. Lawrence was a Oxford Scholar in Middle-Eastern History, and had extensively toured the Middle East before the War, exploring Ancient Sites. 9th December 1917: General Allenby Marches into Jerusalem.

The Kuwaiti Flag is below. In the 19th century, Kuwait came under the influence of the Ottoman Empire. After World War I, it emerged as an independent sheikhdom under the protection of the British Empire. Kuwait's large oil fields were discovered in the late 1930s. It is now ruled by Emir Jaber Mubarak, and a Council of Ministers. There are some Kuwait Citizens and other Arabs living in the Westend, of London. They even have a Bank of Kuwait. Kuwait is known to keep and like Camels. Kuwait being a Friend and Ally sold Britain Oil at $10 below the price/barrel. They can't afford this anymore, so had to discontinue this practice. British ex-pat Oil Workers help make Kuwait's Oil. Kuwaiti's are known to keep Uzbec Servants, who are also Muslim. They are lovers of Camels, and God can make extra fodder for them, like he used to for European Horses.

The Saudi Arabian Flag is below. This was the country that Lawrence helped create. It was ratefied at the Treaty of Versailles, Paris in 1919. Green is the Colour of Islam. The Quote in Arabic is 'There is no God but God. And Mohammed is his Prophet'. From the beginning of the Koran. With 'The Sword of Islam'.

It is said the Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all 'People of the Book'.


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