Civilization II Boer War Scenario

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Boer Unit The Boer War - BoerWar.scn British Unit

Transvaal Flag

Tribes in South Africa include the Kgatla, Ndebele, Bophuthatswana (in the North West Province - I understand they grow a lot of Vegetables), Transkei (in Eastern Cape Province) and Zulu (in Kwazulu-Natal). 2/3 of the English have left, having had a British Passport. They lived in the Coastal Cities of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London (no longer there), and Durban. Also around the Gold Fields around the Jo'burg & Soweto Area. Zulus helped Mine the Gold. 1/5 of the Afrikaaners have left because they had useable skills like Car Mechanic, Dentist, and Pharmacist.

During the Apartheid the ANC (African National Congress) called for the African People to boycott the Schools, as they taught in Africaan's not English. There were opposition parties: the ANC, Communists, and Democratic Party.

It is well known the Nelson Mandela (who became ANC President of South Africa in 1994) was imprisoned in Robin Island, near Cape Town. As was his friend Walter Sisulu. Nelson studied 3 degrees. There wasn't even enougth room in his cell to walk up and down. But they were let out for daily exercises.

South Africa exports Minerals, Gold (running out), Wine, and Lemons.

South Africa has also protected it's Elephants, as has Botswana, and Zimbabwe. And of course 'the Old Elephant'.

"The date is 11th October 1899, war has broken out between the Boer Republics (Transvaal and Orange Free State) and the British Dominions of Cape Province and Natal. The Boers initiated the war on the principle that its better to attack them before they attack us (knowing war was inevitable), and to gain the element of surprise. Their highly mobile Commandos have invested Mafikeng, Kimberly and Ladysmith. Can the British lift the siege or will their cities be starved into submission?

*Boer objectives: to maintain their independence
*British objectives: to gain control of the Witwatersrand Gold Field and a route for their Cape to Cairo Railway
*German objectives: take advantage of British weakness
*Portugese objectives: keep out of the war

Will the British Empire join Cape/Natal in the war or force them to sue for peace? Can the Boers rally the Germans to their cause? Will history repeat itself? Only YOU can decide!"

Cape Town was founded in 1652 by Dutch explorer Jan van Riebeeck for the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It sits next to Table Mountain, and Signal Hill. The Cape of Good Hope itself is just south of the city where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Soon farmers were brought from the Netherlands to grow food, and plant vineyards for wine. Lemons also grow in the Cape area now. The farmers were known as Boer in Afrikaans. They live on the Velt or Fields growing Wheat. There are also Osterich Farms on the Garden Route. When a ship came in a cannon was fired from Signal Hill, and all the Farmers brought in their food to sell to the ship on it's way East of West. The 'Star Fortress' in Cape Town was built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch, and still stands.

Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson won the battle of Trafalger in 1805 against the combined French and Spanish Fleets near Gibralter. This made the British Fleet the predominant power in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean's for 100 years. The city of Cape Town came under British Rule a year later in 1806. It had been occupied in 1795 by the British as the Netherlands had been invaded by Napoleon, and returned by treaty in 1803.

In 1820 English settlers were sent for to settle the southern Cape from Cape Town, along the Garden Route, to Port Elizabeth, and East London. This was to ensure the frontier was pacified. Standard policy of many Empires. And ships could then sail between England and India getting re-supplied at Cape Town.

South Africa is now an unsafe country having a crime wave, and high rate of muggings. If you want to visit I would recommend staying in the central area of Cape Town. Also make sure you have a money belt to keep travellers cheques, passport, and air ticket in. These are routinely stolen even though they are of no value to the mugger. And take many weeks to replace. OR book your luggage into the Train Station left luggage office. If you lose your ticket you can say what's in your bag to the attendent and get it returned. OR look to book into a hotel when you arrive immediately. Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province is regarded to be generally safe. Unlike East London in the same Province. South African's who migrated with Skills, British Passports, or for asylum to countries like Britain and Sweden are now returning; as South Africa is a highly fertile country and will have food in these difficult economic times.

This game is about the second Anglo-Boer War which began in 1899, and requires Conflicts in Civilization CD or Civilization II Gold to be installed on your computer. This is not essential but desirable, to prevent you having to backup and overwrite files. It has new Units and Period Graphics, including Boer Commandos, and National Flags. There is also a new Custom House Improvement that allows goods and reinforcements to be transported between Europe and Africa using the 'L' command. You can play as the Boer Republics, British Empire, Dominions of Cape Province and Natal, the German Empire, or the Portuguese Empire. Good Luck, and Enjoy!

Short History of the circumstances leading up to the Boer War
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