CivII Second World War Scenario

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1941a Unit Dec 1941-July 1961 - Second World War 1941b Unit

by B.Stein

World Map Play as the Soviets, Japanese, Axis, Neutrals, Nationalist Chinese, Allies or Free French. This scenario is quite good as cities actually fall at the beginning, it also outlaws trade routes so you can't trade with powers you are at war with or become excessively rich; it doesn't have spies meaning secrets can't be stolen giving each power their historic weapons and consequent tactical advantages, this also means cities must be taken by force and can not be bribed. Engineers cost three times as much which means less stupid cities are built by the computer AI, jungle in the Amazon and Central Africa further supports this trend. Research is effectively impossible with research rates 2000 times normal, technology is given to appropriate powers at the historical time by the computer. Government switching and negotiation between enemies isn't allowed either. Also has custom sound files and graphics.

There are a few minor problems: city names are in English and German (where the Author couldn't find an English translation); places like Australia and Alaska seem to be too powerful; and the Communist Chinese aren't represented at all, even though they eventually won control of China, part of the reason China fell was that the Communists and Nationalists were fighting each other as well as the Japanese.

1941dec.scn runs under Fantastic Worlds, Civ2 Gold Edition or Multiplayer Version.

Download 1941dec Scenario with new Sound Tracks (1.98 Mbytes)
Download ww2_v2 Upgrade (178 Kbytes)
for new units, graphics and rules.
Both WinZip Files

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