Cilivilization Spanish Amaerican War Scenario

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General Weyler 1895-1919 - The Spanish American War Theodore Roosevelt

by A. Bryson

Central American Map Cuban Flag

"It's 1895 and America has decided to become an Imperialistic nation. Unrest with Spanish rule in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines has opened a door of opportunity. Can America gain its new colonies, or will Spain defend or Japan intervene? Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders may be the deciding factor."

The Spanish American War was triggered by the sinking of the American Battleship Maine in the harbour of Havana. Cuba at this time was a Spanish Colony which the Americans had unsuccessfully tried to buy from Spain. You can play as the Cuban Freedom Fighters, Japanese, Hawaiians, Spanish, Americans, British or Filipinos. Only America has access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in this scenario. Meaning the Cubans can never attack the Filipinos for example. The map looks a bit odd but is topologically correct as opposed to geographically super accurate. Most of the U.S. is mountains meaning the old bug of powers building new cities which reach level 12 during the scenario can't happen. Most units are standard but there are two new powerful U.S. units: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. Spain has a despotic government representing the inefficiencies on Colonial government.

Spanish American War History

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Filipino Flag

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