Civilization II Vietnam Scenario

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January 1968 - Vietnam War Scenario

Southeast Asia & California "January 1968 - Tet, year of the Monkey. The United States Marines sent to Vietnam by Kennedy and LBJ were expecting little more than drunken Vietnamese partying in the streets. However, the Tet cease-fire was broken and the United States experienced the largest single assault of the war. Floods of VC guerrillas poured in from the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and Cambodia and effectivly split South Vietnam in two. The US embassy in Saigon was attacked. Although in the end, the Tet offensive did not accomplish all its military goals, public opinion was turned away from the war and the backlash from the citizens ended any hopes of winning the war. However, that wasn't the only problem. Politicians were unwillling to commit to the war, and there were riots back home. Could an effective counterstrike been launched? Would a concentrated assault on the North work?"

Rather easy scenario with map including part of America to simulate transport problems and civil disorder. By any normal rules of War America should have won having a casulty rate of 17:1 in their favour, but the combined effects of Communism, Nationalism and harse treatment of villagers by American's meant that the Vietnamese where prepared to make any sacrifice. Vietnamese tactics including converting unexploded bombs into weapons and tunnel warfare.

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