Civilization II Great Game War Scenario

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Image1 1832-1906 - The Great Game by Michael J. Daumen Image2

requires Fantastic Worlds CD

Central Asian Map Ottoman Empire Flag

"Now I shall go far and far into the north, playing the Great Game."
-- Rudyard Kipling, 1901

It is the height of the Pax Britannica. While Europe's continental empires scramble to check the British Empire in Africa and the Pacific, England's greatest fears are becoming reality in one of the most desolate spots on the globe. Russia has expanded swiftly across the eastern steppes, and if she finds a way across the roof of the world, the shining jewel of India lays before her.

But only the tsar knows for sure if Russia's aim is India or Turkey -- and access to the Mediterranean.

Now England and Russia seek strategic control of the region, unseen by white men since the days of Marco Polo. But the fierce warriors and opulent rulers of Central Asia will not submit to imperialism lightly.

Players can be either the British or Russian Empire; the latter is the protagonist. The other nations cannot expect to stand against them for too long . . . .

More info can be found in the Readme and Pedia files.

Michael has expressed an interest in seeing this game expanded, if anyone wishes to help him in this task please Email him.

This game has a number of interesting features that I have not seen in other scenarios including:

The game Requires Microprose's Fantastic Worlds CD to be installed on your computer. You can play as the Russians, Afghans, Turks, Turcomans, Persians, English and Mountain peoples. Has custom terrain, flags, city styles and units.

Short History of the circumstances leading up to the Great Game
Great Game Readme

Download grtgame Scenario (478Kbytes)

Russian Empire Flag

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