Civilization II Aztec and Inca Scenario

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1100-1519 - Sacrificial Blood - Pre-Columbian America

by Shay Yates Roberts

"After a year of work, I've finally finished "Sacrificial Blood: Rise of the High Native Empires". This scenario/modpack contains 57 new technologies, 62 new units, 25 new sounds, 12 pieces of new music, 24 new wonders, and 12 new improvements. Many of the default game graphics, such as the Presidents' pictures, have also been changed. Sacrificial Blood is actually three games in one, and is much more ambitious than my previous work, "Age of Piracy".

Sacrificial Blood Website (326 Kbytes) with free Civ Gold Upgrade Download (recommended).
Very well presented and informative site.

There are three Scenarios in the pack:

  1. The Lost City - A short multiplayer scenario set on a small world with varied land masses. Your objective is to be the first to discover and conquer the mysterious Lost City within 400 tuns. A "tun" is a Mayan year.
  2. The Pre-Columbian Age - A medium length multiplayer scenario set on Earth. This historical scenario takes place in the post-classic Pre-Columbian era. You will attempt to achieve what the High Native Empires were unable to do-prepare themselves to survive the Spanish invasion. You will take your High Empire from its humble beginnings in 1100 AD, all the way to 1519 AD, when the Spanish first arrive.
  3. King of Kings - A long multiplayer or solo scenario set on a medium sized world with varied land masses. The objective is to conquer the world within 1000 tuns.
Features include:

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