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The Unofficial Microprose Colonization Home Page

Site Updated Mar05, Feb05
Colonization Published 1994

Webmaster back On-line
Site launched: 4th July 1998
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Freecol site about a clone of Colonization currently at Version 0.3.0 .
  • Lots of pictures and info., download a copy.
  • The game's very professional. So far they have the Europe screen, map, units and you can build a colony.
  • The current unit doesn't flash so you don't know who you're dealing with. After playing the game for a while I got the hang of moving the ships although the colonist I landed didn't always seem to want to move after a while.
  • Doing the AI will be the real test.
  • Also for some reason you get two ships and a pile of money to buy colonists, professionals, artillery and ships with.
  • I hope they have a least 5 slots for European Powers so we can play as the Portuguese.
  • It also appears to support network gaming, as a future option anyway.
  • It has 'Dress' as Missionaries not 'Bless' as Missionaries in a Church. I don't like this. Having to build a Church in the New World before blessing Missionaries there makes the game more challenging. Anyway you don't have enough Colonists in the beginning to make lots of Missionaries or the Indian unrest due to large Colonies and Troop build ups. May be this is only temporary, I hope so.
  • Also for choice of first founding fathers you get Adam Smith, Henry Hudson, Francis Drake, Thomas Jefferson and William Brewster. I know for a fact you can't get Smith or Jefferson as first choices they arrive later in the game as they are so useful. I'm not sure about Drake either. names.txt appears to show the game mechanics behind this. Maybe they haven't implemented the text file yet and just want to show all the Founding Fathers description windows.
Buy Colonization here. It works under XP.
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Colonization Forum

What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
Promoting Colonists:
An Expert Teacher that can train up Indians, Servants and Criminals to be Free Colonists at twice the speed.
Have a Preacher promote Petty Criminals to Indentured Servants after sufficient Cross production through ‘repention of sins’.
Train appropriate pupil e.g. an Expert Lumberjack in a Schoolhouse should teach a colonist cutting wood.

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What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
50% less migration for the Dutch to compensate for their Merchantman and high Commodity Prices.
Have a Portuguese Power.
Have Portuguese special advantage of increased conversion of Indians.
Have Portuguese special advantage of peace between Spain and Portugal until set year.
Confine Portuguese to East of certain longitude line and Spanish West of certain longitude line until set year by order of the Pope!
Have a Swedish Power.
Have a Russian Power on the West Coast.
Have the Chinese and Japanese on the West Coast.
Have an Islamic Power of Granada.

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What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
Indians come to you to trade.
Indian v. Indian wars, especially if allied to European Powers at war.
Name Indian Villages when visited e.g. Tenochitilan.
Extend the GO command to go to specific locations like Indian villages.
Capture big Indian cities, then maintain population and 2 MP colony radius.
Click on village to get report on trade and skills after Scout has visited.
Missionary report on trade and skills in village.

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What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
Captured Soldiers that become POW's especially Veterans.
Colonists, Infantry and Cavalry should sometimes surrender especially petty criminals. Tools, Muskets and Horses can remain with them.
Colonies should sometimes Surrender when food runs out.
Soldiers should sometimes die.
Have Mercenaries e.g. Hessians in different uniforms only available from Europe.
Other powers should have to fight for independence.
Ghost workers displaced by siege instead of putting them all in the Carpenters Shop so when the enemy is destroyed they can go straight back to work.
Boarders like in Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri i.e. land closest to your colony is yours. Enemies can’t cross or build in your territory during peace.
Auto-fire artillery on land units.

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What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
Name ships.
Build ships on lakes.
Have Caravels, Merchantmen and Frigates sail up major rivers.
Capture enemy ships.
Marines to capture other ships, fight off boarders and captures coastal and island Colonies.
10% ship insurance ‘tax’ for ships lost on high seas at higher game levels.

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What would you like to see in freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II ?
Random events like fires and hurricanes.
De la Salle should halve the lumber cost for a Stockade instead of building a Stockade in every 3+ colony.
Sell Salted Fish to Europe for a tidy profit.
Have higher prices for Silver.
Production Queue.
More cut scenes (first dry-dock - first cathedral).
Storage capacity visible on the map screen.
Add more storage extensions or abolish the limit!!!
Implement upkeep cost. But reduce tax rate increase to compensate.

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Others on the Web have been petitioning for a remake of Colonization. This poll is an effort to help them out. Do you think Colonization should be remade and updated?

72% 	Yes, Definitely remake it. I would pay up to £40 ($66)
16%	Yes, remake it. I would pay up to £30 ($50)
4%	Yes, remake it. I would pay up to £20 ($33)
5%	Yes, remake it, but make it as cheap as you can! I don't need it that much.
3%	Don't bother remaking it - it's great as a 
1%	Colonization? RIP.
Vote and Current Results

Suggested Improvements for the future Freecol Version 2.0.0 / Colonization II
General Improvements.
The Teacher should train up Indian Converts, Indentured Servants and Petty Criminals to become Free Colonists.
The Portuguese should be added. May be other Powers should be added.
The Indians should be improved. Slaves and Plantations should be added.
The Computer A.I. should be improved.
Army tactics should be improved. The Naval tactics should be improved.
The Commodity Prices should be made more realistic, and you should be able to sell Fish.
Have the Preacher promote Pretty Criminals by allowing them to 'repent'.

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Email Webmaster your Tips and Comments Suggested Improvements and Game Errors - many sent in by Fans. On-line Games Store - buy Colonization for $9.95 + shipping here using your Credit Card. Moonbase - construct a self sufficient base on the Moon, similarities to Colonization, free Download.
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Colonization Authors, Published 1994

Sid Meier co-author of Colonization.
'[Colonization] was based, in some philosophical way, on Civilization, although it added a lot of new things.' Interview with Sid Meier about Colonization Brian Reynolds co-author of Colonization Douglas Caspian-Kaufman co-author of Colonization Jeff Briggs co-author and composer for Colonization
Piece about Sid and Colonization
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Edited highlights of the now deceased Colonization listbot mailing list.

Major Links Massive site about games for all console types

  • Russian Colonization Site by Grinkod of Satan-Putinburg

  • German Colonization Site Don't worry there are a lot of pictures to look at and there is an on-line translation service so you don't have to know German. Germany may not have had any Colonies of its own (since it was only a collection of competing kingdoms) but a lot of German Colonists went to America plus the Hessian Soldiers.

    Other Websites by Webmaster

  • Civ II Scenarios and Maps
    alt_ww1.scn, thereich.scn, alt_ww79.scn, alt_rules.txt,,, tips

  • Master of Orion II Home Page, a Microprose Game Space resource management game.

  • Free Text Adventures based on sample transcripts from Infocom games and Planetfall and Stationfall maps.

I trained as a Electronic and Robotic Engineer, and Computer Scientist for a total of 7 years higher education and went to a Methodist school for a few years where I experienced Christian fellowship and education of character. I have had jobs in the electronics industry. I also have an interest in computer games, gardening, history and geo-politics and have written several free games for various platforms. My favourite authors include science fiction writers Issac Asimov Foundation and Robot books, and Arthur C. Clarke; Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; George Orwell's Animal Farm; H. G. Well's Time Machine; David Gremmel's Source saga-religion series and Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. I have traveled extensively in Western Europe, North America and Southern Africa. You can travel quite cheaply staying at the YMCA, Salvation Army (in Canada) and Youth Hostels. I wouldn't recommend hitchhiking though. You can get jobs like fruit picking if to apply using 'Summer Jobs' booklets available from Youth Hosteling shops, Amazon etc... My father is a Vicar as was my Mother's father.

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